Ambassadors from Ireland

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Ambassadors from Ireland

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Name: Samah Hussein
Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 5

Studying medicine is a long journey. It is a life changing experience. Studying at the  LSMU does not only help you to fully experience life of a medical student, but it also gives you an opportunity to discover yourself and reach your goals in the best way you can. As a third-year LSMU student, I can honestly say that so far it has truly been an amazing journey and I am glad to be a student of this University.


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Name: Colman Michael Kelliher
Study programme: Veterinary Medicine
Study year: 3

I decided to study veterinary medicine at the LSMU as it is ranked as one of the best veterinary medicine courses in Europe. It is an exciting opportunity to be able to study in a new country and to study what I love. The course itself provides us with the knowledge and experience to become fantastic veterinarians. This course will prepare you for many different careers within the veterinary science. I believe that my time at the LSMU has made me a more confident and independent person. Hard work is required but it is worth it.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”