Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology


Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology
Neuroscience Institute
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Eiveniu st. 4
Kaunas LT-50161

Phone number:  +370 37 302967


Head of the Laboratory:

Kęstutis Skauminas, M.D., PhD;


prof. Ilona Sadauskienė, PhD,

Aistė Jekabsone, PhD,

Rasa Bernotienė, PhD,

Arūnas Liekis, PhD,



Laboratory history

In 1976, a group of scientists in Department of Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry began to study the biochemical peculiarities of energy generation in tissue repair. This group was the core of Pathochemistry Laboratory, founded in 1979. In 1982, the Laboratory was integrated into the structure of the Central Research Laboratory. Extending their scientific research, in 1983 some of the scientists assigned to the independent Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Research, renamed in 1988 into Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry. In 1992, the laboratories merged into the Laboratory of Pathochemistry of Institute for Biomedical Research. In 2011, the Laboratory of Pathochemistry was reorganized into the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology of Neuroscience Institute.


Research topic

Title: The role of the oxidative stress in aging

The aging appears to be one of the main reasons causing many of neurodegenerative diseases.This study is intended to evaluate the changes of the antioxidant defence system activity in the brain and other organs, during aging and to answer the question whether natural antioxidants are good for healthy aging. It is planned to assess the antioxidant defence system activity and lipid peroxidation of the laboratory animals of different ages; to determine the biochemical mechanisms of the impact of prooxidants in animal organs; to assess the effects of natural antioxidants on the cellular antioxidant defence system; and to evaluate the apoptosis in the organs of different ages animals, exposed to either prooxidants and antioxidants.

The results will be important both for researchers, working in the field of gerontology and for pharmaceutical specialists, developing natural medicines and supplements known to have antioxidant properties.


Main projects

2018-2020 – contribute (dr. A.Jekabsone) in the project No J05-LVPA-K-01-0220 „Promotion of UAB "Birštono mineraliniai vandenys" Investment in R&D Activities for the Development of Innovative Products“, head prof. V.Lesauskaitė

2017-2021 – a project No 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-01-0036 EXOTARGET „Exosome application for targeted drug delivery“, funded by the Research Council of Lithuania, head dr. A.Jekabsone

2017-2020 – EU funded COST Action project CA16122 "Biomaterials and advanced physical techniques for regenerative cardiolgy and neurology", dr. A.Jekabsone

2017-2019 – contribute (dr. A.Jekabsone) in the EC programme Horizon 2020 M-Era.Net project No S-M-ERA.NET-17-2 „Engineering and functionalization of delivery system with Pelargonium sidoides biologically active substance on inflamed periodontal surface area“ (PELARGODONT), coordinator prof. N.Savickienė



International collaboration

Institute of Public Health and Environment (Bilthoven, The Netherlands), University of Aarhus (Denmark), University of New York (USA).


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