Laboratory of Translational Bioinformatics

sj_pic_v2.png (170x237)Head of the Laboratory

dr. Simonas Juzėnas






In the age of big data, enormous amounts of information are being generated, not only from scientific research and high throughput devices, but also from clinical settings. The vision of the laboratory is to simplify and transform high dimensional molecular data, including next generation sequencing of human genomes, transcriptomes, and microbiomes with phenotypical, clinical and behavior data, into clinically applicable knowledge, i.e. identify disease biomarkers and to develop individual predictive models which could be used in precision medicine.

Our laboratory has researchers with bioinformatics expertise in analyzing large molecular datasets, especially generated by next-generation sequencing platforms, and in assembling and maintaining analytical pipelines and computational infrastructure, which enables the application of bioinformatics in their research areas.