Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic employs 13 employees. Eleven are educational staff and 2 are auxiliary personnel. The clinic employs one professor, three lecturers and 6 assistants currently enrolled in doctoral studies at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Fourth-year students of Academy of Medicine have a “Support and Locomotor Module” course, fifth-year students are studying “Urgent Conditions of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”. Plastic and Reconstructive surgery specialisation residents are trained at Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department according to 5 year Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency curriculum.  Various (surgery and therapeutic) specialisation residents reside at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery clinic for a period of 1 or 2 months.



Department has more than 40 years of traditions. The history of Reconstructive Surgery in Lithuania started with the establishment of Burn Unit in the Department of Surgery in Kaunas University Hospital „Kauno Klinikos“ on the December 7, 1972. Unit for a long time served as a Lithuanian National Burn Centre where the most severe burn injuries were referred to treat as in-patients. Initially designated to reconstructive surgery of burns Unit evolved to the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with full spectrum of reconstructive surgical procedures, educational and research activities. The head of the department is prof. Rytis Rimdeika.


Scientific activities

“The study of the effectiveness of treatment methods of acquired soft tissue defects and valuation of prognostic criteria of treatment outcome” is a science topic certified by department. It is the part of interinstitutional program of “Emergency medicine”. Scientific research is held together with the department of Extreme medicine, the Institute of Anatomy, the Surgery, Intesive Therapy, Laboratory Medicine Skin and Sexually transmitted disease, Orthopaedy/Traumatology, Radiology departments including interdisciplinary doctoral and clinical studies. There are implemented and on going programs in cooperation with foreign partners and funded by the European Union programs:

  • The EU 6th Framework Programme International Program “Ultimate pressure dressing system for the management of venous ulcers (ULSYS)” together with AB Biocentras, Brescia university.

The PhD studies are carried out in the department. Scientific research work is conducted on following topics: burns epidemiology, burn depth determination, burn patient analgesia, the identification of agents of wound infection, the prevention of complications of arteriovenous connections, the surgical treatment of acquired hand deformities, the diabetic wound treatment.



The fourth-year students have lectures on "The Support and Locomotion" topic. This topic explains the essentials of general diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of rheumatoid, orthopaedic disease and syndromes also trauma mechanisms. Course contents include: rheumatic disease and orthopaedic disorders, children and adults injury including rehabilitation and physiotherapy. By studying this module, students gain knowledge, valuable for the work of a medical doctor and later during residency specialising to be a plastic surgeon, a rheumatologist, an orthopaedic trauma doctor, a surgeon, a physical/rehabilitation medicine physician and other.


The fifth-year students module “Urgent conditions of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” consists of general principles of infected wounds diagnosis, energy requirements of burn patients, enteral and parenteral nutrition, the basic pathways of nutrient loss, the main cause of tissue defects rise, the main types of tissue defects reconstrution operations, indications and contraindications of operation. “Burn surgery”and “Reconstructive surgery” topics are studied by plastic surgery, surgery, orthopaedic traumatology, skin and venereal diseases and other specialities residents.


International Relations and Cooperation

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department maintains relations with the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department of Swedish University of Linkoping, the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department of UK South Manchester University Hospital, the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department of Tampere University Hospital of Finland, Surgery department and Centre of Microsurgery of Minsk University hospital of Belorussia, the Surgery department of Gomel University Hospital of Belorussia, the State Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery clinic of Latvia and Brucu Clinic, the Wroclaw Plastic and Wound surgery Centre of Poland.


Current Projects

  • EU FP6 “Ultimate pressure dressing system for the management of venous ulcers (ULSYS)”

Eropean Wound Management Association (EWMA) according with Lithuanian Wound Management Association (LWMA) is coordinating project:  “The Introduction of Modern Wound Management for Russian-speaking European countries”