Additional practice





1. The Implementation Procedure of Additional Practices at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (hereinafter LSMU) was prepared on the basis of the LSMU Regulation of the studies of the first and second cycle and the integrated studies and the Order No. V-540 of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania of 19 April 2010 “Regarding approval of recommendations for additional practices”, as amended.

2. The objective of the implementation procedure of additional practices of the students (hereinafter procedure) is to determine the planning and organization procedure, the requirements, how to carry out practice so that favourable conditions for the students to gain practical skills of the studied specialty were created, to determine the evaluation procedure of additional practice and requirements set for the report on additional practice.

3. This procedure defines the implementation of additional practices of the LSMU students of the first and second cycle and the integrated studies in the Lithuanian and foreign practical bases.

4. The additional practice of the students shall be carried out and accounted for according to the reporting form of additional practices approved by LSMU.

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1. The students shall return one copy of the Contract signed by all the Parties to the Career Centre not later than in

3 work days before the beginning of the practice indicated in the contract for additional practices.


2. The additional practice shall be carried out at free from studies time, after the lectures, during summer holidays or at other time when no contact work time is calculated according to the study programme (including time of professional practice).


3. The report shall be completed on each day of the practice, indicating the level of independence, skills and duration of additional practice in hours (the practice supervisor indicated in the contract shall sign under the performed daily tasks). The time of additional practice has to coincide with the schedule of additional practice approved by the supervisor of additional practice.


4. When the student completes the additional practice, s/he shall submit the prepared report on additional practice to the responsible employee of the Career Centre not later than in 30 calendar days after the termination of the additional practice.


5. If the report on additional practice is not submitted within the term specified in the clause 22 without the justified reason, or if it is submitted not completed or incomplete, the Career Centre shall not analyze the report and return it to the student. The practice shall not be accounted. Justified reason – the circumstances supported by documents, because of which the student could not submit report within the set term: certificate of inability to work, certificate in the set form issued by police, court, other authorities, certificate certifying disease of the family members, close relatives, loss of property (because of fire, theft, natural disaster) issued by police or competent authority, orders of the University’s rector, etc. The following shall not be regarded as justified reason: transport (arrival) problems, holidays, accommodation problems, paid or voluntary work not related to the University or other reasons. The reason shall be justified by the manager of the Career Centre.


6. If the student has performed at least 40 hours of additional practice and submits the properly completed report on additional practice, the Career Centre shall issue the certificate of additional practice not later than in 2 months from submission of the report on additional practice to the responsible employee of the Career Centre.


7. The responsible employee of the Career Centre shall enter the hours of the implemented additional practice into the supplement to the diploma.