LSMU Evaluated Internationally

lesauskaite.jpg (376x240, 360x240)The results of the comparative study of the scientific activity organized by the Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre (MOSTA) have been presented recently. They demonstrate excellent achievements of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU). Even three units of the University have been assessed as strong on the international scale.

While evaluating the quality of Lithuanian scientific research, influence on expansion of scientific knowledge in a certain field, socio-economic impact of scientific research in the country, career perspectives and many other criteria, the departments of clinical medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Cardiology and Neuroscience Institute of LSMU received the greatest scores. At the time of previous external evaluation of LSMU conducted by international experts one year ago, no reproaches for the scholarliness and quality of studies could be expressed, as well.

Professor Vaiva Lesauskaitė, LSMU Vice-Rector for Science, noted that the present evaluation was different because the scholarliness of individual units of the University (faculties and institutes – AN) was analyzed.

“The scientific policy of our University is focused on the quality of scientific research. The number of scientific publications is not the only important factor, their quality matters too. It is reflected by the citation rate of articles presenting the study results. The practical benefit of scientific research for patients or public health is equally important. The creation skills of quality science are formed for our PhD students. The evaluated units have been known for their excellent achievements for long time already,” – told Prof. Habil. Dr. V. Lesauskaitė.

When the Professor was asked whether the works of the Lithuanian scientists are always valued properly, she smiled and said: “I think that not all of our scientists are able to brag about their achievements and to present them properly. The majority of scientists consider that the done works and ideas speak for themselves.”

LSMU is one of the most attractive institutions of higher education not only in Lithuania. Its graduates receive education in compliance with international standards and the diploma recognized worldwide.