LSMU Degree Programmes Were Presented in Lebanon

The International Studies Exhibition ‘Global Study UK’ took place in Beirut, Lebanon, on 20-22 February, where LSMU study programmes in English were presented by the Vice-Dean of International Relations and Study Centre, Dr. Alvidas Šarlauskas and the International Programme Coordinator, Gintarė Diliūnienė. Among 41 higher education schools, mostly from the United Kingdom, participating in the exhibition, LSMU was the only institution offering medical studies in English in Europe. Public health, medicine and odontology programmes have attracted an extraordinary interest. The exhibition was visited by 1,200 young people who relate their future with studies abroad. The LSMU graduates also attended the exhibition and invited visitors to study in Lithuania.

We are very pleased that during the visit, this year’s first student from Lebanon was accepted to study medicine at LSMU. During the 25 years of international studies, 304 citizens of Lebanon were awarded LSMU diplomas, and 40 students from this country are currently studying at the University. The main admission to study at SMU in English will be held in Lebanon in July.

Gintarė Diliūnienė

International Programme Coordinator
International Relations and Study Centre