Lecture on How to Cope With Stress and Improve Well-Being

On 9 June, Mr. Peter J. Lautz, the guest lecturer from the United States of America, gave the lecture entitled ‘Help yourself cope with stress’ at LSMU. Mr. Peter J. Lautz has more than 40-year experience as a counselor and a psychotherapist who is working with people having a wide range of concerns including coping with stress, anxiety, losses, significant challenges, depression and addictions. Moreover, Mr. Peter J. Lautz is a practitioner of contemplative meditation and helps his clients to guide spiritual and creative development. The lecturer provided the students with some ideas and told them about resources that could help them to transform their stress in a healthy way. He mentioned that staying connected to people who care about you, daily physical exercise, sufficient sleep, healthy nutrition, minimized alcohol and caffeine consumption, doing something fun every day and noticing what is good about your day – even the littlest things create a greater sense of well-being, confidence, peacefulness and joy, positive emotions, and compassion for yourself and others. Some methods such as SHINES (shining your light to increase good feeling and inner strength) and the other for dealing with stressful situations and emotions were introduced to the listeners. A spirit of warmth and friendliness were the main aspects of his interesting and very useful lecture mentioned by the listeners.