Kaunas Old Town Was Flooded With LSMU Colours on 1 September

The academic community of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) has celebrated the Science and Knowledge Day with a traditional solemn event. LSMU took part in an annual march dedicated to the beginning of the new academic year. However, this year, this part of the event was exclusive – the majority of Kaunas higher education schools also took part in the same festive march. It was like revival of the old tradition, as the first joint marches of Kaunas students could be encountered already after the World War I.

This year, the students of LSMU, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas Faculty of Humanities of Vilnius University, Lithuanian Sports University, and Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Art Academy were marching Laisvės alley. We hope that this idea will grow more and more popular every year and even more Kaunas universities will take part in the march.

The festive academic community started the march from the Vienybė square and moved towards Kaunas Cathedral Basilica of St. Apostles Peter and Paul. The representatives of administration, lecturers, students and representatives of student organizations of Kaunas universities were marching together. The special colour was granted by the pupils from LSMU gymnasium and numerous international students (more than 150) who came to study to Kaunas.

The festive mood was maintained with the help of Kaunas Brass Band ‘Ąžuolynas’ followed by the members of LSMU ensemble of Lithuanian folk dances and songs ‘Ave Vita’ dressed in national costumes and carrying the flags. The march was enlivened not only by the smiles of students, but also by small windmills held in hands. They attracted the attention of many residents or guests of Kaunas city and induced their interest.

When asked, the first-year LSMU students expressed their joy about the solemn march. ‘Such festivals promote mutual cooperation and help to become a part of the University’s life already from the first days’, - rejoiced first-year student Lina.

Her friend Monika also agreed that ‘such a march is the sign of unity of all the students in Kaunas. It was very nice to see friends from other universities together’.

Later the welcoming speeches were made and the Mass was celebrated for the academic community in Kaunas Cathedral Basilica of St. Apostles Peter and Paul. Remigijus Žaliūnas, LSMU rector, and Lionginas Virbalas, Kaunas metropolitan bishop, both talked about the importance of the path of knowledge and light in the life of young persons to all the students of the provisional capital.

The mayor of Kaunas city, Visvaldas Matijošaitis, who also came to congratulate Kaunas academic community, gave the basketball ball as a gift to all the rectors of universities. The balls were signed by Arvydas Sabonis, the most famous Kaunas resident in the world. It was meant to remind the rectors ‘that besides the pursuit for knowledge, the students should also enjoy active leisure’.

The LSMU international students, the majority of whom came from Israel, Sweden, India, Germany, and the United Kingdom this year, gathered into the venue ‘Ryšių kiemelis 837’ after the joint march of Kaunas students. There the team of LSMU International Relations and Study Centre had prepared a cosy introduction programme and invited the students to leave their fingerprints on the painted tress in the easels at least symbolically. It is planned to be a perfect memory of studies after four or five years when the students graduate from LSMU.

After the Mass all the LSMU Lithuanian and international students gathered for the festive afternoon of the beginning of the academic year in the venue ‘Ryšių kiemelis 837’, where the band ‘Mates’ was playing. The students could taste the cake given as a gift by LSMU rector.

The photos from the festive afternoon of the beginning of the academic year in the venue 'Ryšių kiemelis 837' can download here.


If you experience difficulties to download them, please contact the LSMU International Relations and Study Centre by email indre.levickyte@lsmuni.lt