Entrance Examinations in Germany

On June 19-21, international programme coordinators Aušra Surantienė and Žaneta Dičkutė visited Hannover and Berlin in Germany and organized the entrance examination to LSMU for German graduates.

The first entrance examination was organized in Hannover. A total of 12 graduates, applying for study programmes in medicine and veterinary medicine at LSMU, sat the entrance examination. Four students who achieved the best results were invited to study at LSMU (2 students in medicine and 2 students in veterinary medicine).

Students who successfully passed the examination but received worse results were registered in the competition line, and their possibilities to get a study place at LSMU will be considered after the admission deadline. Highly motivated candidates with worse results were recommended to improve their knowledge and retake the examination later.

Two entrance examinations were organized in Berlin. There were 5 graduates registered for the first examination in Berlin, and all of them applied for a study place in medicine. Four participants passed the entrance examination with very good results; they got an offer for a study place at LSMU. Two other graduates took the second entrance exam in Berlin; one of them came from Norway. Although both candidates finished the preparatory course for the entrance examination, they were not successful. Their results were insufficient to be admitted, and it was recommended to gain more knowledge in biology and chemistry for the better preparation for the next year’s exams.

The examination results were announced during a personal interview with each of the applicants. The students were asked about the reasons why they want to become a physician and why they choose LSMU as a destination for their studies. The students presented very strong motivation and consistent efforts to reach their future goals. Many of them take part in social and voluntary projects and work in the medical institutions in order to gain more practical skills.

Later the students were invited to the presentation of LSMU to get better impression about the University, study programmes at LSMU, infrastructure and international students’ life in the University and Kaunas. The majority of students were interested in the problem-based learning method implemented in the curriculum of medicine, and it was a main point attracting students to choose studies at LSMU.