Corp! Fraternitas Lituanica et Patria Dance Party 2015

As the end of the year was approaching, the members of LSMU fraternity organized the dance party meant to commemorate the 107th anniversary of the corporation and Day of the Lithuanian Army for the fourth time already.

These two occasions were commemorated for some reason: the corporation ‘Fraternitas Lituanica’ was established on 28 November 1908 in the then Petrograd thanks to the author of that idea General Vladas Nagevicius. The idea was supported by Dr. Jonas Basanavičius. The founders of the corporation – V. Nagevičius, V. Ingeliavičius, P. Šlizys, K. Oželis – were the students of military medicine, who were establishing hospitals and taking care about sanitary protection of the Lithuanian army and health training of the soldiers after Lithuania had proclaimed independence.

In order to honour the founders of the organization and to remember the traditions of the corporation, the members of fraternity invited everyone to Kaunas Club of Garrison’s Officers. Not only the members of other corporations and friends came to congratulate the organization, but also the guests of the city, who wanted to enjoy the party together. More than 70 guests tested the hardness of parquet during the party.

The dance party started with a nice and vivacious performance of the hosts followed by astonishing tango duet – representatives of the club “Aistra Šokiui” (Passion to Dance), candidate of corp! Fraternitas Lituanica et Patria Erika Šuopytė and philistine of corp! Neo-Lithuania Evaldas Bartauskis. Their performance was contagious as all the guests invited their pairs to dance a festive waltz in the grand hall.

In the middle of the evening the real Cuban salsa fire was ignited by the band ‘Indance Kaunas’. When people were watching their performance, not only their palms were heated by applause but also their feet were moving in attempt to try the rhythm of salsa. The band ‘Indance Kaunas’ revealed the secrets of the main steps of Rueda de casino, and thus the hosts and the guests were soon weaving the special patterns of the dance in one harmonious circle.

Of course, what kind of birthday could be without a cake? The festive cake was brought into the centre of the hall, while all the candles on it concealed one huge wish – to attain more years and anniversaries and to gather together again! Vivat, crescat, floreat corp! Fraternitas Lituanica in aeternum!

We are grateful to everyone, who helped to organize, to the sponsors company Seduja, coffee Lavazza, photographer Dainius Četrauskas, and of course to all the participants – it was so nice and cosy to meet, to move and to enjoy. Thank you for smiles than made us happy and for the nice greetings – cosy approaching holidays!


Corp! Fraternitas Lituanica et Patria