Naujos knygos LSMU Bibliotekos VA skyriuje

AB- abonemente, išduodama į namus.

BS- bendrojoje skaitykloje.

MS- mokslinėje skaitykloje.

Pastaba: iš skaityklų į namus išduodama tik trumpam terminui.


001.jpg (zoomed, 121x173) 

Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology : Interpreting the Language of Dog Fanciers and Breed Standards

by Edward M. GilbertPatricia H. Gilbert

Šifras: BS . 636.7(031) Gi-175 (1 knyga)


Learn the language of purebred dogs from veteran AKC judges and breeders. Every page is filled with terminology and images that are essential to understanding breed standards and the sport of dogs. Well organized, illustrated and indexed for ease of use.

Have you ever been stumped trying to understand what a judge, breeder or dog fancier is saying about a dog? Or been utterly confused when reading a Breed Standard? What is meant by butterfly nose, fish hook front or crabbing? Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology to the rescue! Veteran AKC judges and breeders Ed Gilbert and his wife Pat Gilbert have pulled together every conceivable term applied to dogs to aid experts and amateurs alike to help all understand and correctly use the language of the sport. Ten years in the writing and richly illustrated with drawings by artist and purebred dog breeder, Dan Sayers, the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology is an exhaustive reference tool for dog fanciers for generations to come. And weighing in at 4 pounds with over 800 pages you will have a lot of information at your fingertips!


002.jpg (zoomed, 118x187) 

Therapy Dogs: Training Your Dog to Reach Others

by Kathy Diamond Davis

Šifras: BS > 636.7 Da-463 (1 knyga)


Share the love and companionship of an animal with others by becoming a therapy dog team. Everything you need to know to select, socialize and train your dog for this important and rewarding work. Includes information about safety, liability and professionalism.

Are you looking for a new and meaningful way to work with your dog? Do you want to improve the lives of those who because of illness or disability would benefit from visits with a volunteer canine "therapist"? Then think about becoming a Therapy Dog Team. New 2nd edition gives you all the information you need to select, socialize and train your dog for this work. You will learn: *What therapy dog work involves and how to train forit *Benefits therapy dog work provides for you, your dog and others *Various settings in which therapy dog teams do their work *Whether your family pet might make a good therapy dog *Selecting and training a puppy for therapy work *How to keep yourself and your dog fresh for the work **Includes a complete course outline for teaching therapy dog classes!


003.jpg (zoomed, 119x154) 

Nutraceutical and Functional Food Components : Effects of Innovative Processing Techniques

edited by Charis Galanakis

Šifras: MS > 664  Nu-41 (1 knyga)


Nutraceutical and Functional Food Components: Effects of Innovative Processing Techniques presents the latest information on the chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, health effects, and nutrition characteristics of food components and the recent trends and practices that the food industry (e.g. the implementation of non-thermal technologies, nanoencapsulation, new extraction techniques, and new sources, like by-products, etc.) has adopted.

This book fills the gap in knowledge by denoting the impact of recent food industry advances in different parameters of food components (e.g. nutritional value, physical and chemical properties, bioavailability and bioaccessibility characteristics) and final products (e.g. applications, shelf-life, sensory characteristics).


004.jpg (376x240, 122x154) 

Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia : the Fifth Edition of Lumb and Jones, 5thed.

edited by Kurt A. Grimm ... [et al.]

Šifras: AB > 619:615 Ve-215 (2 knygos), BS > 619:615 Ve-215 (1 knyga)


Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia: the Fifth Edition of Lumb and Jones is a reorganized and updated edition of the gold-standard reference for anesthesia and pain management in veterinary patients. Provides a thoroughly updated edition of this comprehensive reference on veterinary anesthesia and analgesia, combining state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and clinically relevant information.   Covers immobilization, sedation, anesthesia, and analgesia of companion, wild, zoo, and laboratory animals. Takes a body systems approach for easier reference to information about anesthetizing patients with existing conditions. Adds 10 completely new chapters with in-depth discussions of perioperative heat balance, coagulation disorders, pacemaker implantation, cardiac output measurement, cardiopulmonary bypass, shelter anesthesia and pain management, anesthetic risk assessment, principles of anesthetic pharmacology, and more...


005.jpg (200x200, 120x181) 

Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat. Vol. 1: Safety, quality and sustainability

edited by Steven C. Ricke

Šifras: MS > 614.31 Ac-29 (1 knyga)


To meet growing demand, the FAO has estimated that world poultry production needs to grow by 2-3% per year to 2030.

Much of the increase in output already achieved has been as a result of improvements in commercial breeds combined with rearing in more intensive production systems. However, more intensive systems and complex supply chains have increased the risk of rapid transmission of animal diseases and zoonoses. Consumer expectations of sensory and nutritional quality have never been higher. At the same time consumers are more concerned about the environmental impact of poultry production as well as animal welfare.


006.jpg (200x200, 126x184) 

Fiber in Animal Nutrition : A Practical Guide for Monogastrics

A. Bosse, M. Pietsch (eds.)

Šifras: MS > 636.084 (036) Fi-15 (1 knyga)


Fiber has been part of feed analytics since the development of the Weender analysis in the 19th century. In general considered an antinutritive factor in the feed for monogastrics, diluting the diets and reducing nutrient digestibility. But these negative attributes are determined by the fiber characteristics and their proportion in the diet. Todays emerging analytics give us a better understanding of the diverse fiber fraction and how to evaluate and employ fiber in the diets. However many questions concerning the effects of fiber in nutrition still remain unanswered.
This book reviews the state of the art knowledge about feeding fiber to monogastric livestock and companion animals, covering key issues surrounding analysis, definition, regulation and mode of action in the gut. The book places a special focus on current topics like animal welfare and functional health effects, making it interesting to all who are involved in animal nutrition and the animal feed business. 


007.jpg (376x240, 121x168) 

Veterinary Infection Prevention and Control    

edited by Linda CaveneyBarbara JonesKimberly Ellis

Šifras: BS > 619:616.9 Ve-215 (1 knyga), MS > 619:616.9 Ve-215 (1 knyga)


Veterinary Infection Prevention and Control is a practical guide to infection surveillance and control in the veterinary setting. Outlining the steps for designing and implementing an infection control plan, the book offers information on both nosocomial infections and zoonotic diseases to aid the veterinary team in ensuring that veterinary practices and hospitals are safe for both the animal patients and their human caregivers. Veterinary Infection Prevention and Control provides guidelines to creating standard operating procedures for effective and efficient infection control in any veterinary practice. 


008.jpg (zoomed, 122x176) 

The Dog Groomer's Manual : A Definitive Guide to the Science, Practice and Art of Dog Grooming

by Sue Gould

Šifras: BS > 636.7(036) Go-441 (1 knyga)


The Dog Groomer's Manual is the definitive reference book covering all aspects of the work of the dog groomer. This highly illustrated book will help owners, students and professional dog groomers develop their skills and knowledge. It will enable them to adapt the principles of grooming appropriately, based on a systematic approach to understanding and observing the physical appearance, the nature, the life style and the behaviour of the dog. The Manual covers the following: Science: the veterinary pricniples of anatomy and physiology that must inform good grooming practice, pre-grooming health checks, common parasites and skin diseases, infectious and zoonotic diseases; Practice: running a grooming business and the diverse standards of safety, hygiene and professionalism required in the grooming workshop. First Aid and what to do in emergency situations. Handling and restraining the dog safely, grooming equipment and tools. ART; Grooming out the coat, bathing and drying, clipping, scissoring, hand stripping and plucking, styling, preventative healthcare products. 


009.jpg (zoomed, 121x142) 

Small Animal Cytologic Diagnosis

edited by Anne M. BargerAmy MacNeill

Šifras: MS > 619.7/.8  Sm-05 (1 knyga)


A powerful tool that can be employed in a wide variety of disease processes, cytology in small animals has gained increased recognition and clinical application. Small Animal Cytologic Diagnosis presents clinically applicable information about the use of cytology and indicates when advanced diagnostic testing can be beneficial to diagnose underlying disease processes.

The book discusses the pathophysiology of inflammation, cancer biology and comparisons to histology to help readers fully comprehend the cytologic changes that can occur with inflammation and neoplasia. Also covered are some of the limitations and advantages of cytology compared to histopathology.

The book includes tissue-specific chapters focusing on diseases of a particular area, always in comparison to normal tissue. Each of these chapters concludes with various cases that include information on signalment, history, pertinent laboratory data, specimen images, final outcome and the underlying pathology causing the cytologic lesions, when possible. With more than 1300 superb illustrations, this comprehensive resource provides ample practical information for students as well as practicing veterinarians.


010.jpg (zoomed, 123x161) 

101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler

by Cherry Hill

Šifras: BS > 636.1 Hi-53 (1 knyga)


Ground training is the key to safe successful riding and a strong bond between horse and rider In 101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse Handler best-selling equestrian author Cherry Hill offers a comprehensive series of exercises that cover every aspect of ground training from haltering to driving from turning to transitions from backing to body languages The book is appropriate for work with horses of every age and breed and it features a pre-cut hole placed so that the book can be hung in the barn or on a fence post allowing for easy reference during training With this book in hand riders of all disciplines and levels can help their horses become responsive companions that are a pleasure to ride. 


011.jpg (200x200, 123x159) 

Atlas for the Diagnosis of tumors in the Dog and Cat

by Anita R. KiehlMaron Brown Calderwood Mays  

Šifras: MS > 619.7/.8(084.4) Ki-36 (1 knyga)


Atlas for the Diagnosis of Tumors in the Dog and Cat is a diagnostic tool for determining if samples are abnormal and defining the cause of the abnormality, with 386 clinical images depicting normal and abnormal results.

  • Offers a brief overview of the methods used to produce a diagnosis and prognosis from a biopsy tissue sample
  • Pairs photographs of biopsy samples with photomicrographs of cells obtained via fine needle aspirate
  • Includes a useful chapter covering sample handling, staining, and shipping 


012.jpg (226x169, 122x157) 

Complications in Small Animal Surgery

edited by Dominique GriffonAnnick Hamaide

Šifras: MS > 619.7/.8 Co-121 (1 knyga)


Complications in Small Animal Surgery provides a complete reference to diagnosing, managing, and treating surgical complications, with information following a standardized format for ease of use. 

013.jpg (170x260, 125x162) 

Current Therapy in Exotic Pet Practice

by Mark MitchellThomas N. Tully

Šifras: MS > 636.9 Mi-356 (1 knyga)



This brand-new, full-color reference is a foundational text for veterinarians and veterinary students learning about companion exotic animal diseases. Organized by body system, Current Therapy in Exotic Pet Practice walks students through the most relevant information concerning the diagnosis and treatment of exotic animals ― including the most relevant information on anatomy, physical examination, diagnostic testing, disease conditions, therapeutics, epidemiology of diseases, and zoonoses. Topics such as captive care, current standards of care for all exotic species, veterinary clinical epidemiology, and the effective prevention and management of infectious diseases are also included. 

014.jpg (226x169, 110x169) 

The Merck Veterinary Manual, 11th ed.

edited by Susan E. AielloMichael A. Moses

Šifras:  BS > 619(036) Me-179 (1 knyga), MS > 619(036) Me-179 (1 knyga)


The Merck Veterinary Manual (MVM) covers all domesticated species and diseases in veterinary medicine worldwide. This completely revised and redesigned new edition of the veterinary classic uses a two-column format and color throughout for easy-to-read text and tables. Hundreds of color images enhance and illustrate the text. In addition to extensive revisions and updates, this edition includes a new section on public health and zoonoses, expanded coverage of fish and aquaculture, new chapters on backyard poultry, toxicologic workplace hazards, smoke inhalation, and additional coverage of numerous new and emerging topics in veterinary medicine. 


015.jpg (250x170, 123x159)

Canine and Feline Cytology : a Color Atlas and Interpretation Guide,  3rd ed.

by Rose E. RaskinDenny J. Meyer

Šifras: BS > 619.7/.8(084.4) Ra-218 (1 knyga), MS > 619.7/.8(084.4) Ra-218 (1 knyga)

Comprehensive coverage of all body systems and body fluids ― and the pathological changes associated with various infectious agents ― emphasizes areas in which the application of cytology has the greatest diagnostic value. Exceptional-quality, full-color photomicrographs show both normal and abnormal tissue and also include detailed legends. Discussions of clinical, differential, and cytological diagnosis accompany the illustrations of lesions and conditions in each chapter.


016.jpg (zoomed, 123x159) 

Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science, 3rd ed.

by Aviva PetriePaul Watson

Šifras: AB > 619  Pe-239 (3 knygos)


Banish your fears of statistical analysis using this clearly written and highly successful textbook.  Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science Third Edition is an introductory text which assumes no previous knowledge of statistics.  It starts with very basic methodology and builds on it to encompass some of the more advanced techniques that are currently used.  This book will enable you to handle numerical data and critically appraise the veterinary and animal science literature. Written in a non-mathematical way, the emphasis is on understanding the underlying concepts and correctly interpreting computer output, and not on working through mathematical formulae. 


017.jpg (regular, 128x164) 

Color Atlas of Veterinary Ophthalmology, 2nd rev. ed. 

by Kirk N. GelattCaryn E. Plummer

Šifras:  AB > 619:617.7(084.4)  Ge-155 (1 knyga), BS > 619:617.7(084.4) Ge-155 (1 knyga), MS > 619:617.7(084.4) Ge-155 (1 knyga)


Color Atlas of Veterinary Ophthalmology, Second Edition provides a compendium of the clinical appearance of ophthalmic diseases likely to be encountered in small, large, or exotic animal practice.  

  • Offers a pictorial reference to the clinical appearance of diseases and conditions of the animal eye
  • Presents multiple presentations of most ophthalmic diseases to show the varying ways the condition might appear
  • Provides more than 1,000 high–quality color clinical photographs showing ocular disorders
  • Includes new introductory chapters on ocular anatomy, the ophthalmic exam, and clinical findings in place of the clinical signs chapter
  • Covers clinical history, the clinical signs and findings associated with the disease, the rule–outs or differential diagnoses, the recommended treatment, and the prognosis for each disorder


018.jpg (200x200, 113x132) 

Nepavaldi likimui : gydytojos Jelenos Tulčinos mitybos revoliucija: kai maistas tampa vaistu

Edvardas Žičkus

Šifras: AB > 613.2  Ži-13 (1 knyga)


Televizijos ekranuose ir žurnalų puslapiuose Jelena Tulčina – pasitikinti savimi, ryški ir žavi moteris. Ji iš tiesų tokia yra, bet Jelenos kelias geros savijautos bei visaverčio gyvenimo link buvo nepaprastai ilgas ir sunkus. Gydytojos kardiologės profesiją pasirinkusi ir kitų sveikata besirūpinusi Jelena pati nuo jaunystės sunkiai sirgo, patyrė penkias operacijas, turėjo antsvorio ir kitų sveikatos problemų. Tačiau tai, kas vienus pražudo, kitus padaro stipresnius: nusivylusi gydymo rezultatais, tiksliau, jų stoka, Jelena nusprendė atrasti savo būdą, kaip atsikratyti ligų visam laikui. Ir jai pavyko! Šiandien gydytoja Jelena Tulčina vadinama pirmąja medike Lietuvoje, pradėjusia garsiai kalbėti apie kokybišką gyvenimą be vaistų ir mitybos svarbą gerai savijautai. Tačiau svarbiausia, kad jos taikoma gydymo metodika tūkstančiams žmonių ir jai pačiai leido pasveikti, atsikratyti įsisenėjusių ligų ir iš naujo atrasti gyvenimo džiaugsmą.


019.jpg (376x240, 113x162) 

Mitybos medicinos vadovas, 2-asis patais. ir papild. leid.

parengė Laisvūnė Petkevičienė

Šifras: AB > 613.2 Mi-122 (2 knygos), BS > 613.2 Mi-122 (1 knyga) 


Leidinys "Mitybos medicinos vadovas" skiriamas gydytojams, ypač gydytojams dietologams, dietistams, slaugytojams, asmens sveikatos priežiūros specialistams, medicinos ir sveikatos priežiūros specialybių studentams.