Ambassadors from Ireland

 LSMU Ambassadors

Ambassadors from Ireland

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Name: Madeline Elsheikh
Study programme: Pharmacy
Study year: 5

Diversity is a key to education. So it made sense to provoke myself into a new dimension. LSMU has taught me about the beauty of a new cultural scene as well as provided me with the substantial education for my future pharmacy career.  I could never imagine living without the experiences I had in Kaunas, LSMU is definitely not one of my regrets.

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Name: Samah Hussein
Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 4

Studying medicine is a long journey. It is a life changing experience. Studying at the  LSMU does not only help you to fully experience life of a medical student, but it also gives you an opportunity to discover yourself and reach your goals in the best way you can. As a third-year LSMU student, I can honestly say that so far it has truly been an amazing journey and I am glad to be a student of this University.