Ambassadors from Germany

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Ambassadors from Germany

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Name: Alan Bareiss
Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 5

Coming to study to Kaunas was an opportunity and a challenge in one. Looking back after living here for more than three years makes me smile. Of course there were some obstacles to overcome but they are outweighed easily by the many international friends who have become my family. Abstract medical concepts have become clear thanks to the problem based learning approach applied at the University and the country has changed from "somewhere in eastern Europe" to a place worth living in.

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Name: Constantin Heinicke
Study programme: Veterinary Medicine
Study year: 3

I enjoy studying here at the LSMU. There is a very good learning atmosphere here and it’s a great place to be and make friends. We always find a way to communicate and have fun. Learning here is not only hard work but also fun.