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Ambassador from Canada

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Name: Imad Boustani
Study programme: Odontology
Study year: 3

What I enjoy about studying Odontology at the LSMU is an opportunity and privilege to talk to professors at any time. All you have to do is knock their door, walk into the office and they always welcome you and answer your questions.

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Name: Mohamad Chamseddin
Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 3

I have been a medical student of the LSMU since 2015. For 3 years, I have enjoyed every moment studying and living in Kaunas. Although I am studying abroad, the country, university, staff, and students have all made me feel closer to home through their hospitality, care, and kindness. The medical program is an organized curriculum giving us the opportunity to study in great depth and understanding throughout the years, building up our knowledge, confidence and experience to preform our duties as successful future doctors. It goes without saying that the right determination, grit, and time management are important steps to excel in one's studies.