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Ambassadors from Australia

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Name: Neharika Narayanan
Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 4

Medical Sciences curriculum is a singular challenge in itself and a daunting experience that lasts for 6 long years. One of the most potent means of deciphering it and building a near-perfect launch platform is by choosing to enrol in a medical school that offers a learning methodology of an ideal approach-mix of textbook and hands-on learning. Here in LSMU, one will experience, in exclusion of the learning sessions, a liberal sprinkling of cultural diversity with a diverse demographic composition of the academics. The easy-to-access faculty is ever ready to interact with students. Besides, peer student groups are encouraged to lead the way in synergy. As you will find out soon, the LSMU’s force is in its problem-solving approach that stands the future doctors in good stead. If you are interested to enrol in the LSMU to make this your career, please feel free to contact me for any doubts you may have.