LSMU Ambassador Programme

  • About Programme

    The goal of the Ambassador Programme of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) is to involve international students into a voluntary activity aiming at promotion of the LSMU in foreign countries.

    Ambassador's functions are as follows:

    • Consult those who are interested in studies at the LSMU and share his/her experience of studies at LSMU and life in Lithuania.
    • Together with the University representatives participate in the University “Open Days”. The participation is coordinated with the student's learning process, taking into account the classes and assessments timetables.
    • Attend the Ambassadors' meetings every two months. The meetings are organised and conducted by the LSMU International Office. During the meetings the Ambassadors are to be provided with the relevant information and the activities performed by the Ambassadors and the results of the activities are discussed.

    Benefits for the Ambassador:

    • Development of skills in leadership, organization, communication, and interpersonal relations.
    • Possibility to travel to other countries to take part in higher education fairs.
    • Earning of Certificates of Appreciation and Letters of Recommendation.

    Trainings for the Ambassador:
    Trainings in public speaking, persuasive communication and other topics relevant to the Ambassador's functions are organised according to the demand. Ambassadors' trainings guidelines are prepared for each subsequent year by the end of January along with the indication of the required resources.

    Ambassador's selection procedure:

    • The period of the Ambassador's participation in the Programme is determined according to the candidates' motivation and possibilities.
    • Selection is carried out in accordance with the demand.
    • The information about the Ambassadors' selection is spread by sending e-mails to the international students and with the help of the LSMU Student Union.
    • The selection is carried out by the LSMU International Office.
    • The candidates have to present their motivational letters describing briefly how they imagine performing the Ambassador's activity and the selected candidates are invited for an interview.
    • The main criteria for the candidates:
      • 2nd or upper year international degree students;
      • Good academic standing;
      • Proper communication skills, friendliness and enthusiasm;
      • Ability to perform the Ambassador's functions.
  • LSMU Ambassadors

    Are you considering to study at the University? Ambassadors can help you make up your mind. They are current Lithuanian University of Health Sciences international students themselves and will kindly share their experience about studies at the University and life in Lithuania.


  • Ambassadors from Cyprus

     LSMU Ambassadors

    Ambassadors from Cyprus

     pavlinavyra.jpg (376x240, 159x240)

    Name: Pavlina Vyra
    Study programme: Veterinary Medicine
    Study year: 3

    I am more than glad that I became an ambassador of the LSMU. This University will help me make my dream come true in becoming a veterinarian and be called Dr Vyra. The studies are hard but they are worth it. All the subjects that are taught here are all needed. I want to help and consult other people from abroad to make their dreams come true in becoming what they desire at this university - doctors, veterinary doctors, odontologists or even pharmacists. It’s all worth it.


  • Ambassadors from Lithuania

     LSMU Ambassadors

    Ambassadors from Lithuania

     gabrielgugyt.jpg (200x200, 170x200)

    Name: Gabrielė Gugytė
    Study programme: Odontology
    Study year: 4

    It’s been a really great experience studying at the LSMU. I am a fourth year odontology student. Teachers here are very helpful and the courses give you a lot of hands on experience! It’s a friendly environment which prepares you for your future and all its endeavors! Heard nothing but good things from the graduates and hope you will come study here at the LSMU!


  • Ambassadors from Australia

     LSMU Ambassadors

    Ambassadors from Australia

    neharikanarayanan.jpg (200x200, 183x200)

    Name: Neharika Narayanan
    Study programme: Medicine
    Study year: 4

    Medical Sciences curriculum is a singular challenge in itself and a daunting experience that lasts for 6 long years. One of the most potent means of deciphering it and building a near-perfect launch platform is by choosing to enrol in a medical school that offers a learning methodology of an ideal approach-mix of textbook and hands-on learning. Here in LSMU, one will experience, in exclusion of the learning sessions, a liberal sprinkling of cultural diversity with a diverse demographic composition of the academics. The easy-to-access faculty is ever ready to interact with students. Besides, peer student groups are encouraged to lead the way in synergy. As you will find out soon, the LSMU’s force is in its problem-solving approach that stands the future doctors in good stead. If you are interested to enrol in the LSMU to make this your career, please feel free to contact me for any doubts you may have.


  • Ambassadors from Israel

     LSMU Ambassadors

    Ambassadors from Israel

     ilianickdelon.jpg (200x200, 200x200)

    Name: Ilia Nick Delon
    Study programme: Medicine
    Study year: 2

    The LSMU is not only a medical school but it’s also a considerable part of a great Lithuanian city, Kaunas. It is a city of culture and life adventure. Students from all around the world come together to share the perfect study environment here. The special programme at the LSMU gives you the tools and knowledge to become a great physician and researcher while you’re  enjoying European social culture.