Exams/Fairs Abroad

The employees of the International Relations and Study Centre are planning to hold OPENDOOR MEETINGS / ENTRANCE EXAMS in the following places:

  Date   Country   City
  14 December 2019   Germany   Hannover
  9 January 2019   Israel   Tel Aviv
  18/19 or 25/26 January       2019 (to be updated)   UAE   Dubai
  27 January 2019     Sweden   Stockholm
  29 January 2019   Sweden   Stockholm
  30 January 2019   Germany   Berlin
  1 February 2019   Germany   Bremen
  3 March 2019   Sweden   Gothenburg
  28 March 2019   Israel   Tel Aviv
  29 March 2019   Germany   Berlin
  11 April 2019    India   To be updated
  13 April 2019    Spain   Madrid
  13 April 2019    UK   London
  15 April 2019   UK   Malvern Wells, Worcestershire
  1 May 2019   Israel   Tel Aviv
  7 May 2019   Ireland   Dublin
  22 May 2019   Sweden   Gothenburg
  24 May 2019   Sweden   Stockholm
  25 May 2019   Sweden   Stockholm
  29 May 2019   India   To be updated
  30 May 2019   Germany   Berlin
  12 June 2019   Spain   Barcelona
  21 June 2019   Germany   Hannover
  21/22 or 28/29 June             2019 (to be updated)   UAE   Dubai
  30 June 2019   Israel   Tel Aviv
  30 June 2019   Sweden   Stockholm
  1 July 2019   Sweden   Stockholm
  July 2019 (to be updated)   India   To be updated
  13 July 2019   Spain   Alicante


The University will participate at the follwing educational fairs:

  Date   Fair   Country/City    Fair Venues   Representatives
  28-30 November   SACO:s utbildningsmässa    Sweden, Stockholm   

Mässvägen 1
125 30 Älvsjö

  Aušra Surantienė 
  4 January 2019   Study Fair   Israel, Tel Aviv    To be updated    To be updated 
  10-11 January 2019   Medical Studies in English at     European Universities   Israel, Tel Aviv   To be updated    To be updated 
  26 January 2019   EduPlanet Medicine Fair   Sweden, Stockholm   To be updated    To be updated 
  28 January 2019    Study Abroad Fair    Sweden, Stockholm    To be updated    To be updated 
  14 February 2019   University Fair     Ireland, Dublin    Conference Centre   AF201/AF202, Griffith   Campus, South Circular   Rd, Dublin 8    To be updated 
  2 March 2019   brunch@studin Sweden    Sweden, Gothenburg    To be updated Studin   To be updated 
  April 2019   Study Abroad Fair   India   To be updated    To be updated 


Applicants and their parents are mostly welcome to visit these events and meet University's representatives for direct questions and answers. They will be provided with all information about the study process, career opportunities, admission procedures and any other important topics. For details on each session venue, timing, etc. refer to your local agent or directly to the LSMU admission officer: