The studies of animal genetics, biology of reproduction and genetic resources. Research includes genetic studies of the farm animals bred in Lithuania, studies of the genetic diversity in breeds, genetic lines and populations of domestic birds, hens, geese and turkeys, development and implementation of progressive methodical guidelines for animal selection, formation of the guidelines in animal breeding, unification of the breeding value determination, investigation of the influence of genetic factors of the performance of sheep and pigs bred in Lithuania, crossbreeding of separate animal breeds for high production quality; investigation the effects of cryopreservation processes on stallion semen quality, to development of bovine oocyte freezing methods and improvement of the Lithuanian technique of keeping and use of breeding bulls. The researchers work out methodical guidelines for mare insemination in Lithuania, and transplant bovine embryos and have adopted and implemented cryopreservation of stallion semen and took part in the establishment the semen and embryo bank for disappearing indigenous farm animals.


The studies of animal nutrition and production quality. Research includes determination of the biological value of new feed additives and feeds prepared by new technologies, their suitability for animal nutrition, the influence of animal nutrition factors on the production of high quality and safe animal products. The researchers aim at development of cheap and ecological technologies of grass ensilage and silage feeding, investigation of usage possibilities of home-made protein feeds and by-products of food industry for complete animal feeding and search for more effective ways to use biotechnological products (enzymes, probiotics, etc.) for improvement of feed conversion. The activities include analyses of the chemical composition, quality and nutritive value of feedstuffs. Analyses of amino acids, volatile- and great molecular weight fatty acids are carried out. Research activity aimed to study the influence of feeding factors on the quality of milk and meat.

The research work includes usage of home-made protein and energy feeds in the diets of poultry, determination of the optimal amount of protein-vitamin supplements, premixes and biologically compounds in poultry diets.


The studies of animal welfare and environmental issues related with animal production. The research work includes investigations into the newest raising methods of animals and poultry, technological exploitation of animal housing facilities, technologies for ecological raising of animals and measures for pollution reduction in animal husbandry. New animal housing systems are evaluated according to the effects of housing conditions on physiology, behaviour, welfare, productivity of animals and economic and farming efficiency.Research concentrates into two directions: investigation of the influence of environmental factors on the physiological state and productivity of farm animal and environmental problems on animal and poultry farms.