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About the Institute

The staff of the Institute of Animal Rearing Technologies comprises nine persons, including eight teaching and one support employee. One professor, two associates, two lecturers and three assistants are engaged in the Institute.

The department was founded in 1938. In 1946, when the Faculty of Zootechnics was established, the department used to be reorganized for many times. First of all, it was separated and became an independent department of Zoohygiene. In 1948, the department was split in two departments – Special zootechnics and Animal breeding with genetic course. In 1949, it again becomes as one – Department of Animal breeding and Special zootechnics. In 1950, the department again was reorganized in two – Special zootechnics and Agricultural animal breeding and genetics. On 12 May 2004, under the order of the Senate of Lithuanian Veterinary Academy (when the department of Informatics and Engineering was reorganized) the Department was connected to the Milking Training Centre (established in 1990) and was named the Department of Animal Sciences. Performing the reform of animal husbandry faculty, the department was renamed into the Institute of Animal Rearing Technologies on 1 November 2014. 

Divisions of the Institute of Animal Rearing Technologies:

Laboratory of Animal Productivity

Josifas Tacas Milking Technology Centre

Laboratory of Animal Meaty Traits and Meat Quality Evaluation

Laboratory of Aquaculture