About Us

The Zootechnical Institute was established at theLithuanianVeterinaryAcademyin 1938. Subjects of animal nutrition and forage were taught in the Institute. These subjects in 1940 were assigned to the Institute of Applied Botany, Fodder and Feeding. After establishing the Faculty of Zootechnics in 1946, an independent department of Animal Feeding was established and since 2004 it has been renamed to Animal Nutrition Department. Since the establishment of the Animal Feeding Department in 1946 until 1951 the head of the department was Dr. Z. Giršavičius. The Department of Animal Feeding was headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Petkevičius in 1951-1955, by Prof. V. Kalpokas in 1955-1987, by Assoc. Prof. Dr. J. Kulpys in 1987-2010, by Prof. A. Januškevičius in 2011-2012 and by prof. P. Matusevičius in 2012-2014.

In 1946 the Department of Animal Breeding was established (until then it was called the Department of Animal Breeding and Special Zootechnics). In 1989 the department was called Animal Breeding and Genetics, in 2004 it was Animal Breeding and Genetics Department and in 2011 at theLithuanianUniversityof health Sciences separate Department of Animal Breeding was established. The first head of the Department of Animal Breeding and Special Zootechnics was Jonas Čepinskis (1893-1961), who was one of the first scientist inLithuaniaof zootechnical sciences and he headed the Department until 1960. Assoc. Prof. J. Čepinskis prepared many high qualification specialists of Animal Husbandry. The Department was headed by Prof. J. Kuosa (1925-1999) since 1960 and his developed field of research was improvement of Lithuanian Black and White cattle economic characteristics. The professor was the initiator of preservation of the gene pool of domestic cattle. While J. Čepinskis was a head of the Department, 10 PhD theses were defended. Since 1991 till 1996 the department was headed by Assoc. Prof. A. Kirvela (1950-1996). His scientific work areas were Lithuanian Black and White cattle and Lithuanian Red cattle and their breeding characteristics. Since 1996 till 2001 the Department was headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Juozaitienė. During that time Animal Breeding Research and Breeding Values Laboratory was established (in 1998) and belongs to department of Animal Breeding. Assoc. Prof. Dr. V. Juozaitienė was also initiator of starting the installation of breeding value estimation methods (BLUP).

The Department and K. Janušauskas Animal Genetics Laboratory were headed by Dr. I. Miceikienė in 2001-2011, by Prof. Dr. V. Juozaitienė in 2011-2014.

The Senate of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences decided to merge the Departments of Animal Breeding and Animal Nutrition on 1 November 2014 to get the efficient operation of studies and the application of advanced science innovation. It was called the Department of Animal Breeding and Nutrition and it is headed by Dr. V. Juozaitienė since 2014.

Today, the Department of Animal Breeding and Nutrition employs 19 people: 4 professors, 3 associate professors, 1 lecturer, 4 assistants, 2 junior researchers, 2 studies administrators and 3 laboratory assistants. The Department also has 5 PhD students