About institute

Institute of Biology Systems and Genetic Research – is a combination of education and scientific research. Institute provides studies and research work in the field of fundamental and applied sciences. Institute scientists work in different fields and learning subjects, which are adapted to the needs of all faculties. Scientific and practical aspects of different subjects are proposed for medical, dental, pharmaceutical, nursing, public health, veterinary medicine, medical and veterinary genetics, medical and veterinary biochemistry animal husbandry technology and animal science programs students.

Expanding the volume of fundamental medical studio, the Department of Biology was founded in the Faculty of medicine in 1950. Until 1964 it was headed by prof. Tadas Ivanauskas. Prof. T. Ivanauskas (1882 – 1970), educated at the Sorbonne and St. Petersburg, is a name renown in the state of Lithuania, and in modern Lithuanian science. He published his most important monographs, Birds of Lithuania and Birds of the World, while working in the Department of Biology. The professor gave lectures in zoology and evolution science, and emphasized the importance of the genetics science. In 1964 – 1969 the Department was headed by assoc. prof. M. Venclauskas. Assoc. prof. M. Venclauskas nurtures new Biophysical methods in the activities of the Institute of Medicine, was one of the founders of the Central Science Research Laboratory (later known as the Institute of Biomedical Research), was head of the Biophysics Section. In 1969 – 1983 the Department was headed by assoc. prof. J. Lapinskaitė. Assoc. prof. J. Lapinskaitė continued the work begun by prof. T. Ivanauskas, and completed the formation of basic biology study courses. In 1983 – 2009 the Department was headed by prof. A. Bertulis. In 2008 the Institute of Biology was formed on the basis of the Department of Biology. In 1967, the Visual neurophysiology research group was assembled in the Department. The group was headed by prof. A Bertulis, who served an internship and worked at the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, and the University of Copenhagen. The Visual Neurophysiology Laboratory, headed by prof. A. Bulatov, was founded in the Institute of Biology. In 2009 – 2011 the Institute of Biology was headed by prof. A. Bulatov. In 2011 the Institute of Biology was reformed into the Biology Systems and Genetic Research Institute, combining with the Breeding and Genetics Department of the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, and Dr. K. Janušauskas’ Animal Genetics Laboratory. The Institute is headed by prof. Ilona Teodora Miceikienė (in 2001 – 2011 prof. I. T. Miceikienė headed the Animal Breeding and Genetics Department of Lithuanian Veterinary Academy).