Department of Animal Breeding

The Department of Animal breeding in Veterinary academy was established in 1950 when zootechnical faculty was established (until then was animal breeding and special zootechnical department).

In 1989 department was called Animal breeding and genetics and in 2004 – Animal breeding and genetics department. In 2011 in Lithuanian University of Health and Sciences was established separate department of Animal breeding. Since 2011, the department of Animal breeding is headed by professor Vida Juozaitiene.

Animal breeding includes selection and breeding management areas. Practical selection became the major group’s activity object. In the execution of selection programs are involved various profiles specialists, carrying different kinds and breeds animal selection and mating, productivity control and accounting, evaluation and breeding value estimation. Breeds improvement programs are carried out in the whole country. This requires qualified specialists. Department of Animal Breeding and the Animal Breeding Research and Breeding Values Laboratory, which also belongs to department of Animal breeding works 11 employees of that number eight doctors involved in the study and science. Department of Animal breeding goal is to carry out studies, ensure the latest animal breeding and statistics research – based knowledge and technology level, to develop and educated, creative and entrepreneurial personality. The departments scientific priorities is to develop animal breeding, biostatistics and information technologies fields scientific knowledge, to execute high level research and experimental development, to prepare scientists, to execute a broad range of practical activities, in science and other areas to cooperate with country and foreign partners.



In department of Animal breeding bachelors, residents, master students and PhD students carry out research work, also are taught laboratory and practical works. When teaching the animal breeding, biostatistics, research methodology theoretical material taught in the adapted classrooms, practical skills are developed during the laboratory and practice work in laboratories and practical training and in the test farm, in Veterinary academy large and small animal clinics. Students are transported to the advanced farms in Lithuania.

In the Animal Breeding Research and Breeding Values Laboratory, students learn about the latest breeding value estimation methods (BLUP), livestock population databases formation and their structure, livestock information systems. Here acquired knowledge is very useful, because in Lithuania



Department of Animal breeding scientific research areas are:

  • Animal populations selective traits studies, analysis and forecast;
  • Signs heritability coefficients statistical – selective research;
  • Breeding accounting information systems analysis and optimization;
  • Zootechnical documents and its development;
  • Animal breeding values estimation with BLUP method research.

Animal Breeding Research and Breeding Values Laboratory‘s mission is to investigate by modern bio statistical methods:

  • The country‘s animal populations structure;
  • Valuable features interrelationship and heredity;
  • Environment and heredity interactions;
  • To improve the Lithuanian cattle populations breeding value estimation methods.


Since 2004 year, in laboratory‘s base are prepared 15 defended PhD works, and over 200 publications. Conferences and seminars are organized.

The laboratory is involved in many projects. Students here receive the latest animal breeding and biostatistics scientific knowledge; have the opportunity to be directly involved in the research.