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LTECNP strongly advise to follow Young Scientists Initiative. (‚More info on incentives offered for young scientists…)


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ECNP's goals

  • Support innovative research in the convergent disciplines of neuropsychopharmacology and facilitate the communication of ideas, discoveries and best practices.
  • Encourage the scientific activities of countries in Europe and co-ordinate the development of common European standards.
  • Promote the entry of young scientists into the field and support their ongoing professional development.
  • Provide guidance and information to the public on matters relating to brain function and the treatment of brain disorders.
  • Facilitate dialogue with regulators, government bodies, international agencies and industry.

To achieve these aims, ECNP organizes a wide range of activities, programmes and events across Europe. These include:


  • The annual ECNP Congress, attended by 5,000-8,000 neuroscience researchers and clinical practitioners each year. For the communication and cross-fertilisation of research results and ideas in the field of neuropsychopharmacology.
  • Workshops, for (pre-) doctorates and residents.
  • Schools, for young scientists within 5 years of having received their qualification.
  • Seminars, for focused interaction among young scientists.
  • Targeted Expert Meetings, for in-depth discussion among senior researchers.
  • Consultation Meetings, for exchange between the scientific community, European regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.


Awards and incentives

  • Neuropsychopharmacology Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • Media Award
  • Fellowship Awards
  • Poster and Travel Awards
  • Free or reduced congress registration fees for young scientists

As well as addressing the scientific community, ECNP provides guidance and information to the general public on matters relevant to brain research and brain disorders.



ECNP was founded to foster and promote neuropsychopharmacological across Europe. This has been the guiding principle behind, amongst others, Regional meetings, Seminars and emphasis on recruiting participants for Congresses, Workshops and Schools from all corners of the region.

 In 2012 ECNP launched a new initiative to draw in countries even further afield, many of which lack the infrastructure to sustain a national society, and so have fallen outside ECNP’s Advisory Board of National Societies programme. For this reason, ECNP Ambassador was appointed for every country in Europe. The first meeting of the ECNP Ambassadors took place on 9 February 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dr. Robertas Bunevičius was selected to be ECNP Ambassador in Lithuania.

Dr. Bunevičius is a senior neuropsychopharmacologist in Lithuania, who is responsible for coordination of seminars and mini-symposia, nomination of young scientists for the ECNP Schools and encouraging applications for the ECNP Workshops. Ambassador acts as representative and point of contact for ECNP in Lithuania.

As the future of neuropsychopharmacology in Europe relies on the field’s ability to attract and retain talented young researchers, LTECNP embassy in Palanga, Lithuania was established on 27 April 2012 during the annual XI conference of Behavioral Medicine institute.

LTECNP is committed to ensure that young scientists continue to be drawn into the field of neuropsychopharmacology and that through ECNP they receive the support and professional development necessary to succeed in this field.

LTECNP strongly advise to follow Young Scientists Initiative. qMore info on incentives offered for young scientists…(TEKSTAS PAŽYMĖTAS GELTONAI)

Organization launched the ECNP Young Scientists Initiative.

ECNP has installed the following incentives for young scientists:



Benefits at the ECNP Congress


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All the latest information on LTECNP is offered via Facebook and Twitter

If you have any questions regarding LTECNP  please contact us at


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