About the Institute

LSMU Faculty of Publich Health
Health Research Institute
Tilzes str. 18, Kaunas
Telephone number: +370 37 407 930

Mindaugas Štelemėkas
Telephone number: +370 37 242 901


Health Research Institute (The Institute) at the Faculty of Public Health was established in 2011 after reorganization of the Institute of Biomedical Research.

Since 2012 Institute was designated as World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for the Prevention & Control of Noncommunicable Diseases.

The scope of activities of the Institute focuses on the organization and implementation of scientific work. The Institute participates in the implementation of study programs, organizes and conducts scientific research, carries out activities of experimental development, trains scientists and participates in training of health specialists.

The Institute consists of three laboratories:
Laboratory of Prevention of Chronic Disease;
Laboratory of Child and Youth Health;
Laboratory of Health System Research.

The research theme of the Institute - to monitor and to evaluate indicators of health and lifestyle of the Lithuanian population in a light of implemented health-related policies. The research theme has three general tasks:
• To participate in international and national organizations, networks and institutions, to collaborate and to provide expert assistance to health policy makers.
• To carry out monitoring and scientific evaluation of health related lifestyle indicators and risk factors of the Lithuanian population.
• To participate in the process of education of researchers in the field of biomedicine.

Theme of Laboratory of Health System Research - to monitor and to evaluate the activities in health system, taking into account the political decisions, documents and guidelines.
1. Monitoring the formation and implementation of Lithuanian health system policy.
2. Social and economic evaluation of health risk factors, health policy decisions and health technologies.
3. Development of big-data analytics in health system and assessment of it’s application.

Theme of Laboratory of Child and Youth Health - children's and youth health and lifestyle in the context of the development of society.
1. Health presumptions during the perinatal and infancy periods.
2. Monitoring of child growth and development.
3. Harmful habits and risk behaviors of adolescent and youth.
4. Risk factors and prevention of suicide among young people.
5. An integral assessment of children and young people's health-related factors.

Theme of Laboratory of Prevention of Chronic Disease - the assessment of the lifestyle and chronic diseases of different groups of Lithuanian population in the context of health policy.
1. Evaluation of risk factors of chronic diseases and its changes.
2. Evaluation of the link between lifestyle and genetic factors.
3. Evaluation of changes of students’ subjective health and lifestyle.
4. Assessment of links between chronic diseases and environmental factors in Lithuania.