About institute

The main focus of the Health research institute is continually organize and participate scientific health researches. Institute works on various programmes of the studies in the university, experimental development activities, participate on preparing health practitioners.


Laboratories belonging to the health research institute:

Laboratory of the Prevention of Chronic Disease

Laboratory of the Child and Youth Health

Laboratory of the Health System Research


The main aims of the Institute:

  1. To publish a wide range of scientific biomedical and sociological publications, guidance and standards. Information on the aims and activities of the Institute, including its roles in education, registration, training and professional representation as well as its scientific activities and media.
  1. To gather and disseminate scientific knowledge and global experience in public health with biomedical and social sciences research and strengthening health systems functioning, chronic non-communicable disease prevention and control and quality of life (welfare) assurance.
  1. To prepare health professionals and participate in the national and international scientific and educational programs. To provide the highest level of specialized expert services for institutions that formulate and implement a national and regional health policy; effectively use a research data in the health system and the education process.


The Child and Youth Health Laboratory research aims to supply public health science with new knowledge about family and environmental exposure for for children and young people's health during the siciety chagement period.

The Chronic Disease Prevention laboratory research aims to assess the Lithuanian adult health behavior and risk factors of chronic diseases and social inequalities of social and economical transformation period.

Health System Research Laboratory research aims- supply public health science with new knowledge about Lithuanian health system  and risk factors influence for society.