The Faculty of Pharmacy

About faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is a unique and the only institution in Lithuania offering a master's programme in pharmacy and performing pharmaceutical scientific research. Academic staff of the Faculty of Pharmacy applies modern technologies and efficient methods of teaching to train a new generation of pharmaceutical professionals – pharmacists. The duration of continuous integral pharmacy studies is 5 years (10 semesters) including 6 months of practice in public and/or hospital pharmacies. The master’s programme in pharmacy is tightly integrated with special studies in medicine and social sciences. Each year, approximately 120 students are accepted to the master’s programme in pharmacy. The master’s programme in pharmacy is also available in English; thus, foreign students have a possibility to enter the programme each year.

The main mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to train high-quality pharmacy professionals by organising and providing modern university-level studies in pharmacy, conducting relevant scientific research and delivering efficient practical training.This is implemented through:

  • training and improving standards for pharmacy professionals, providing them necessary knowledge, and training their professional skills;
  • carrying out scientific research, improving qualification of teachers, pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control and supplying the population with necessary drugs;
  • taking part in forming and implementing the national drug policy and strategy;
  • collaboration with organisations and institutions exerting influence on the pharmaceutical science and studies and supplying the population with good quality drugs;
  • integration into international biomedicine and pharmacy research networks.

The main tasks of the Faculty:

  • to warrant good quality of pharmacy professional training, fully corresponding to the valid requirements in the European Union;
  • to strive for availability of pharmacy studies to young people and professionals in various fields of pharmacy;
  • to train pharmacy professionals able to work and develop a personal career in the modern pharmacy system and able to compete in the European Union manpower market;
  • to participate in international cooperation projects with other academic institutions providing pharmacy studies.

Study programmes

Every year, the number of individuals wishing to study at the Faculty of Pharmacy is permanently increasing. The study programme is under constant improvement in order to satisfy the needs of the developing society.
During 2002-2003, an interfaculty module of clinical pharmacy was included into the study programme of pharmacy. The clinical aspect of modern pharmacy is given a stronger emphasis each year. Similarly, much attention is given to newly emerging fields of studies in pharmacy: molecular biology, biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutics, etc.

Study program



Main research area

The researchers of the Faculty of Pharmacy assess synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and technology of dosage forms as well as perform pharmacopeial, legal and chemical testing of drugs, medicinal herbs and bee products. The results of the investigations are published in Lithuanian and international scientific journals. During the last decade, over 20 inventions have been registered.

The Faculty members are participating in the research programme “Research of biologically active substances and development of pharmaceutical technologies, and social aspects of pharmacy”, 2008-2013, the main tasks of which are the following:

1. Phytochemical investigation of medicinal herbs and search for biologically active substances.

2. Development of pharmaceutical technologies and research into innovative drug delivery systems for efficient delivery of drugs.

3. Optimisation and development of methods of pharmaceutical analysis, forensic expertise and chemical express diagnosis in acute intoxications with drugs.

4. Research into clinical and social aspects of pharmacy to ensure safe and efficient use of medicinal preparations.

Each year, a few doctoral students of the Faculty of Pharmacy successfully complete their postgraduate studies and defend their doctoral theses.