Department of Orthodontics

The mission of the Clinic of Orthodontics is to provide education in the field of orthodontics and to be a leading centre of educational, research and patient care. Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are trained to the highest standards to deliver the best in patient care.

The facilities include a modern orthodontic clinic and orthodontic equipment laboratory for appliance construction and plaster work, a reception and waiting area, a computer and data-processing room, premises for clinical photography, a seminar room and an auditorium.

The undergraduate curriculum in Orthodontics focuses on facial growth and development, diagnostics and treatment of malocclusion, understanding of contemporary treatment techniques and preventive procedures, as well as personal and professional development. Teaching is delivered through lectures, small-group tutorials, supervised clinical skills training, patient treatment and e-learning resources. Research and travel opportunities are provided within elective projects and the Erasmus programme.

The postgraduate programme in Orthodontics includes instruction and extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment planning, facial growth and development, biomechanics and interdisciplinary procedures. Residents have an opportunity of treating the full range of different malocclusions in children and adults in a state-of-the-art orthodontic facility. An original research project intended to produce results suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal is required for obtaining the Certificate of specialist in Orthodontics. Postgraduate students are also encouraged to present their scientific results in regional and national meetings.

The research profile of the Clinic is centred on pathogenesis of malocclusion with the emphasis on oro-functional disturbances and early orthodontic treatment.

The Clinic provides orthodontic patient care as the division  of the University hospital. The average admission is about 800 new patients per year.