Department of Dental and Oral Pathology

Students‘ education is one of the main commitments of the Clinic of Dental and Oral Pathology. A considerable  part of the studies is carried out here for second, third, fourth and fifth year students of Odontology and for third year students of Oral Hygiene. The curriculum includes pre-clinical as well as clinical subjects, such as Cariesology, Endodontology, Periodontology and diseases of Oral mucosa. The major part of the curriculum comprises clinical experiences. There are 3 large rooms for clinical training equipped with dental chairs. Second year students practice in a class of pre-clinical studies and improve their practical skills on models. Practical skills are obtained during clinical training guided by the teachers who are experienced clinicians of different specialities such as endodontics, periodontology and oral pathology. Lectures, seminars and computer-aided learning take place in diverse educational situations to support the main educational principles. Students’ self-learning and individual research are encouraged in order to develop an ability for a critical evaluation of literature.

We offer 2 educational postgraduate programmes leading to a degree of endodontist and periodontologist. The duration of these programmes is 3 years. The purpose of the programmes is to train the participants to become competent specialists in their field. This demands a thorough understanding of general biological principles and function, as well as comprehension of the science. Technical skills are trained during treatment of a great variety of patients. Furthermore, critical, evidence-based thinking is exercised during study and evaluation of textbooks and scientific articles related to the subject. 

There is a number of separate courses with a different content available for continuing education of dental practitioners. They have a possibility to get acquainted with modern technologies in dentistry such as work with dental microscopes, rotary endodontic instruments, etc.