Research work (2010–2012)

  • Doctoral dissertations defended: 2
  • Number of doctoral students: 6


Participation in scientific projects

  • In Lithuania:
    • Project No. VP1-1.1-SADM-10-V-01-007 “Upgrade of qualifications of the public health professionals and nursing staff contributing to the production of morbidity and mortality from major non-communicable diseases”, qualification improvement courses “Health improvement, promotion of healthy lifestyles, heart and vascular disease prevention”.
    • Basketball player performance analysis after knee cartilage reconstruction surgeries.
    • Ability to restore the levels of physical activity before the injury, after the reconstructions of different diameter of the anterior cruciate ligament.
    • Effects of femoral condyle space index to the anterior cruciate ligament tear.
    • Registry of sports injuries and illnesses.
    • Radiological high patella and “jumper’s knee” correlation.
    • Relation between the configuration of the lower patellar pole and the “jumper’s knee”.
    • Knee cartilage damage monitoring system.
    • Explanation of functional relations between the pelvic bottom, diaphragm and waist.
  • International:
        • Interreg IVB project “ICT for Health – Strengthening social capacities for the utilisation of eHealth technologies in the framework of ageing population”.
        • Eureka project EDFAS “Distributed intelligence functional status assessment system for the elderly and disabled.”
        • Eureka ITEA2 project GUARANTEE “Guardian Angel for extended home environment.”
        • “PrimCareIT-Counteracting brain drain and professional isolation of health professionals in remote primary health care (PrimCareIT)”.

Participation in the annual medical exhibition technology Compamed 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany on 16-18 November 2011, where the team of LSMU and KTU scientists of the association Santakos Valley presented the complex physical health assessment system designed for collection, storage and analysis of personal physical condition, physical fitness and physical activity data.

Conferences organised

  • 3rd International Congress “Complex Systems in Medicine and Sport”.


In the basic list of publications of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) – 5.

In the editions referred to in international databases – 7.

In other peer-reviewed scientific publications (Lithuanian scientific journals, conference presentation materials) – 5.

In other periodicals, single-time article collections etc. – 1.

Other methodological tools – 2.

Other publications – 38.