Oncology Research Laboratory

The Oncology Research Laboratory was founded in 2009. The Institute of Oncology including the laboratory was finally established following the resolution of the Senate of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences held in March 2011. A team of biologists and geneticists was formed and the laboratory began to work in autumn of 2011. Prognostic and predictive factors of breast and colorectal cancers are currently under investigation.

Research areas:

  • Prognostic and predictive molecular markers of solid tumors. Genetic factors are known to play a role in cancerogenesis. The aim is to investigate different gene mutations and to assess their predictive and prognostic value.
  • Radiobiology research.  The response to ionizing radiation and its biological mechanism is going to be analysed.
  • Molecular markers of myeloproliferative and lymphoproliferative diseases. The aim is to search for new markers that would help to diagnose oncohaematological diseases and predict their progression and relapse.