Research projects

1. Micro-RNA as biomarker for early diagnosis of premalignant and malignant digestive diseases, 2011-2015

2. Role of gut microbiota in pathogenesis of pediatric IBD, 2011-2013

3. Prevalence of HFE-hemochromatosis mutations c.845G>A (p.C282Y), c.187C>G (p.H63D) and c.193A>T (p.S65C) in the Lithuanian population, 2007-2008

4. Analysis of H.pylori virulence and host response factors in the development of atrophic gastritis in the Baltic States and Taiwan, 2007-2010

5. Serological detection of atrophic gastritis and its evolution following H.pylori eradication in areas with high prevalence of H.pylori infection (Baltic states-Taiwan project), 2005-2007

6. Comparison of bacterial metagenomes between countries with low and high incidence of inflammatory bowel disease (, 2008-2011

7. International IBD Genetics Consortium Project, 2011-2015

8. European ECCO-EpiCom IBD epidemiology East-West gradient project, 2010-2015

9. Development and validation of gastric cancer associated autoantibody test for early gastric cancer detection (Baltic States-Taiwan project, 2014-2016

10 EuroNanoMed project “Volatile biomarkers for early detection and characterisation of gastric and colorectal neoplasms“  (VOLGACORE), 2014-2016