Department of Languages and Education

The mission of the Department of Languages and Education is to develop humanitarian competence of medical professionals. The Department is one of the University departments implementing the academic humanitarian and social studies.

Educational subjects have been delivered in the Department of Languages since 1999. In 2003, the Senate of Kaunas University of Medicine approved of the name of the Department of Languages and Education.  In 2003, the Center for Teachers’ Educational Competence (CTEC) was established in the Department.

The compulsory subjects such as Introduction of Studies and the module of Professional Language, consisting of Latin Professional TerminologyProfessional Foreign Language (English, German, French or Russian), and Culture of Language are delivered to students of all the faculties. Along with mentioned above the following elective subjects are delivered: Second Foreign Language (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Danish), Translation of Medical Literature, Basics of Russian Medical Terminology, Scientific Style, Introduction to the Science of Education. The Latin and Lithuanian languages are delivered to foreign students.


The research theme of the Department  is "Dimension of Liberal Education through the Aspect of Specialised Socialising of University Biomedical Studies". Research dates: 01-01-2012 – 31-12-2016

The research theme covers 2 sub-themes:

• Socialising of Biomedical Studies Applying the Methodology of Education Science.

• Socialising of Biomedical Studies Applying the Methodology of Linguistic Science.


The research aims to investigate the expression of liberal education dimension through the aspect of specialised socialising of university biomedical studies.


The teachers of the Department are members of EERA (European Educational Research Association), Classical Association (Societas Classica), Language Teachers' Association of Lithuania and The Lithuanian Applied Linguistics Association.  

The Department cooperates with the Language Department of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Ankara University Language Centre and the Departments of Foreign and Lithuanian Languages of Vilnius College.