Department of Disaster Medicine


The Department of Disaster Medicine is responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in a number of programmes at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. The main tasks involve teaching disaster medicine to students of the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health as well as first aid training to students of the Faculties of Nursing and Pharmacy. Students who have completed the basic course can choose different elective courses, e.g. Emergency Medical Care in Critical Environmental Conditions, Medical Management of Mass Disasters and Terrorism, Basic Skills in Emergency Procedures, Principles of Patient Communication in Emergency Situations, etc. The Department also participates in a number of training courses for postgraduate sudents, doctors and nurses in Lithuania and abroad.

The teaching staff are certified as training instructors in various international organisations: European Resuscitation Council (ERC), American Heart Organization (AHA), Advanced Life Support Group (UK), American College of Surgeons, Critical Incidents Stress Management Foundation, etc.

The Department of Disaster Medicine is a leader in innovative training methods using interactive lectures and seminars, simulation training, video and web-based teaching. Students may use extensive library resources in disaster and emergency medicine, prepared by staff of the Tepartment: Textbook of the First Aid, Study books on Advanced Life Support, Prehospital and Advanced Trauma Life Support.


The Department of Disaster Medicine is a coordinator of the Emergency medicine research programme at the LSMU. Much of the basic research carried out at the Department is aimed at the effective methods of resuscitation and resuscitation training. Extensive research is also carried out on the abdominal pain management, mechanics of spinal immobilisation and experimental modeling of factors involved in neuroprotective processes. The researchers of the Department participate in various research projects with partners from Maryland (USA), Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) and other Lithuanian universities. The experts of the Department are actively engaged in development projects of Emergency and Trauma Systems in Lithuania, Latvia, Kazachstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, etc.



Prof. dr. Dinas Vaitkaitis
Chief of Department
Tel. (8 37) 327331


Laima Martusevičienė
Tel. (8 37) 327331