Department of Physics, Mathematics and Biophysics


Studies and scientific research in the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Biophysics belong to fundamental science disciplines, which shape the academic attitude. The staff of the Department have adapted these disciplines to biomedical programmes and have adjusted them to the needs of all the faculties of the University. Currently, Basics of Higher Mathematics, Basics of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Computer Science are delivered together with subjects of Medical and Biological Physics. These subjects are delivered to students of all the faculties because they are relevant today. Starting with the academic year 2012-2013, the course unit of Bioinformatics has been offered to students in the study programmes of Medical and Veterinary Genetics as well as Medical and Veterinary Biochemistry. The elective course unit of Basics of Scientific Work Organisation, which deals with medical research studies, their planning and organisation according to evidence-based medicine principles and requirements, is delivered to the third year students from the Faculties of Medicine, Odontology and Pharmacy. This course deepens students’ knowledge of Mathematical Statistics and helps in final scientific works. Furthermore, in the Department, the biostatistics course Mathematical Statistics and Informatics in Biomedicine is delivered to PhD students of biomedical sciences. It deals with various regression models, generalised linear models, planning of mathematical experiment, survival analysis and other multivariate statistical analysis. Statistical evaluation of research data using IBM SPSS Statistics software is a very important issue in today’s medical science. Also, Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science are taught to listeners of medical refresher courses.



The scientists of the Department participate in the University scientific programme "Functioning mechanisms of living tissues". The main scientific topics are: a) Mathematical-Physical Modeling of Transesophageal Atrial Pacing’s Method and the Properties of Biomaterial Surface; b) Study of Variation of Thin Island Films Surface Roughness; c) Development and Analysis of Informational Clinical Decision Support Method; d) Methods for Evaluation of Signals Reflecting Heart Activity Based on Biophysical Models and Multivariate Analysis; e) Eigenvalue Problem for Differential Operator with Nonlocal Integral Conditions.

The staff of the Department collaborate closely not only with Lithuanian universities (Kaunas University of Technology, Vytautas Magnus University and Vilnius University) but also with foreign universities (University of Michigan in the USA, Institute of Physiology in the University of Oslo in Norway, University of Rennes in France).



Prof. dr. Viktoras Šaferis
Chief of Department
Tel. (8 37) 327370


Dalia Bagdonienė
Tel. (8 37) 327367