Department of Psychiatry

About the clinic

1924 The Department of Nervous and Mental Illness was founded in Kaunas University, which in 1965-1985 Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, 1988-1991. Department of Nervous, Mental Illness and Neurosurgery, since 1991 Psychiatric Clinic. The purpose of carrying out pedagogical, scientific, research and educational activities. In all historical periods, the clinic's research staff actively integrated not only in the university, but also in the activities of the Republic of Lithuania. The best clinical graduates are dynamically integrating with the clinic.

Mental health care is a specialized health care whose purpose is to provide psychiatric help (to diagnose, treat impaired mental functions, to timely alert exacerbations of mental illness), to help a person to adapt to and return to society.

Clinical activities: to provide mental health care services in outpatient and in-patient departments, to provide Liaison counseling in other clinics and emergency departments. Clinic doctors provide outpatient services, in-patient clinics, counseling in other profile clinics.

1. Outpatient services for psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry are provided at the outpatient department of the Kaunas Clinic Nervous System Psychiatric outpatient activities are coordinated by doctor L. Jankauskienė Tel .: (8-37) 326016; (8-37) 326363;

Secondary and tertiary outpatient mental health care services.

2. In-patient treatment:
Head of department dr. A. Jaras
Tel .: (8-37) 326042

2.1. Acute Psychiatry Sector
head of Acute Psychiatry A sector dr A. Jaras
Head of Acute Psychiatry B sector doc. B. Burba
tel.: (8-37) 326016
All acute conditions, psychoses, affective disorders, diagnostically difficult cases, treatment resistant cases, mental disorders due to other diseases.

2.2. Borderline psuchiatry sector
Head of the sector prof. V. Adomaitienė
Head of the sector dubler dr. A. Kunigėlienė
Tel.: (8-37) 32 7385
Neurotic, stress-related, somatoform and other disorders associated with anxiety and mood changes are treated.

2.3. Child and adolescent psychiatry sector. Head of the sector doc. D. Leskauskas Tel .: (8-37) 327030 Children aged 6 to 18 years with acute or exacerbated mental illness are treated.

2.4. Children's and adolescent day care facility. The children's and adolescent psychiatric sector is coordinated by the doctor. D.Velaviciene Tel .: (8-37) 326891 Outpatient mental health care and wellness specialist team services for children and their families.
Main field of scientific activity: Psychiatric integration into general medicine – from identification of the problem to management of the situation. The results are published in the press, conferences, used in pedagogical work.

Existing study programs:

1. Faculty of Medicine

1.1. Field of study – Medicine

  • Integrated study program - Medicine, 4 year course, Psychiatric and Clinical Psychology module, 116 hours.
  • Integrated study program - Medicine, 5 year course, Pediatric Psychiatry, 24 hours.
  • Integrated study program - Medicine (foreign language studies), 4 year course, Psychology and Clinical Psychology module, 116 hours.
  • Integrated study program - Medicine (foreign language studies), 5 year course, Pediatric Psychiatry, 24 hours

 2. Faculty of Nursing

2.1. Study field - Nursing

  • First cycle study program - Obstetrics, 3 year course, Women and Family Mental Health, 20 h.
  • First cycle study program - Obstetrics (extramural), 3rd year, Woman and family mental health, 5 h.
  • First cycle study program - Nursing, 3 year course, Mental health nursing, 20 h.
  • First cycle study program - Nursing (extramural), 3 year, Mental health Nursing, 5 h.
  • Master's Degree Program - Advanced Nursing Practice, 2 course, Community and Family Health in Primary health Care, 53 hours.

2.2. Study field - Rehabilitation

  • Joint masters program (in conjunction with VDA) - Art Therapy (continuous Form), 1 and 2 years courses, Psychopathology, 96 h.

3. Faculty of Public Health

3.1. Field of studies - Psychology

  • First cycle study program - Health Psychology, 3 year course, Psychiatry, 72 h.

4. Veterinary Medicine Faculty

4.1. Study field - Public health

  • Master's program - Food Science, 1th year course, Basic Human desires and Mental Health, 40 hours.
  • Master's Degree Program - Food Science (Continuous Form), 1th yesr course, Basic Human desires and Mental Health, 8 hrs.

 5. Postgraduate education

  • Psychiatric residency.
  • Children and adolescent psychiatric residencies.

Residency Educational bases: LSMUL Clinic of Clinics of Kaunas Clinics, Republican Center of Addiction Diseases, kaunas department, Public Hospital of Siauliai Hospital, Clinic of Psychiatry, Republical Kaunas Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Department of Neuroscience, Palanga Clinic, State forensic Psychiatric Service at SAM, Kaunas Silainiai Polyclinic. 

6. Doctoral studies.

6.1. Factors related to the efficiency of the emergency aid, persons intending to suicide (doctoral student A. Lygnugarytė-Grikšienė).

6.2. The relationship between the psychoemotional state of men with the social-demographic factors, sex hormones, sexual functioning and health-related quality of life (Doctoral studies S. Nikulina).

6.3. The relationship between autism expressiveness and symptoms of concomitant mental disorders and sociodemographic factors in the age of children and adolescents (Doctoral studies D. Vėlavičienė).

7. Organization of conferences.

During the last three years, the Psychiatric Clinic has organized 13 scientific conferences. On average, four conferences every year. The conferences are organized on a national level, relevant to mental health care issues, providing authors' reports prepared by scientists and lecturers of the Psychiatric Clinic, in co-operation with other LSMU divisions with the interdisciplinary principle of integrity, with other institutions, associations, the State mental health care center at the LR SAM, foreign institutions. In recent years, the conferences have a higher level of scientific knowledge, focusing on the participation of foreign partners.

8. Projects.

8.1. Received grant from the Lithuanian Council of Science for research topic "Relationship between the polymorphism of serotonigeneric system genes and the social environment with attempted suicide and diagnosed mental disorders", funded by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (headed by prof. V. Adomaitienė).

8.2. Received grant of the Lithuanian Council of Science for the reasearch topic: "Development of the method of early diagnosis of depressive disorder in the assessment of the emotional response to the properties of different flavors of food". The project is implemented by kaunas University of Technology, partner of the project -Lithuanian University Health Sciences (headed by prof. V. Adomaitienė).