Department of Psychiatry


During year 1924 in University of Kaunas a department of Neurology and Mental Disease was founded. However, from 1965 to 1985 it was changed to Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, after that during years 1988-1991 name changed to department of Neurology, Mental Disease and Neurosurgery. Finally since 1991 and onward the name became simply Psychiatric Clinic. Directors of the clinic during it’s history: 1924-1939 prof. J. Blažys, 1939 - 1945 prof. V. Vaičiūnas, 1945 - 1953 prof. L. Gutmanas, 1953 - 1988 prof. J. Šurkus, 1988 -1991 m . doc. E. Jeržemskas . 1991 - 1995 doc. A. Puras , 1995 -2006 prof. B. Burba, since 2006 and forward prof. V. Adomaitienė.


Director of the clinic Professor V. Adomaitienė is: chief psychiatrist of the Republic of Lithuania, board member of Lithuanian Psychiatric Association, member of American Psychiatrists Association, member of European RAN Health work group, chief editor of Lithuanian medical journal “Psichiatrijos aktualijos” and a board member of other editing boards of specialized medical journals. Professor B. Burba is a LR SAM Consultant of psychiatry. Doc. D. Leskauskas - LR SAM consultant for child/adolescent mental health issues. Doc. Giedre Jonušienė – member of European Sexological Association and board member of Lithuania Sexological Association. Doc. D. Klimavicius – head psychiatrist of reagion of Kaunas children and adolescent. Most of the doctors in the clinic are members of Lithuanian doctors association and Psychiatrists Association.


Mental Health ( - )is the natural state of human beings, which should be treasured or restored in case of disorder or disease.


Mental health care ( - ) is a specialized health care which aims to provide psychiatric help (diagnosis, treatment of mental psychic disorders , timely warning of worsening of mental illness) as well as to provide help needed for people to adjust to society and return to it.


Clinical Work

To provide people with mental health care services for in-patient and out-patient. To consult patients who receive treatment in other clinics and emergency help departments. All the doctors working within the clinic work with outpatient as well as inpatient. Within inpatient there are 5 sectors:

Sector of border line state (Head of the sector Proffesor V. Adomaitienė) –  neurotic, stress-related, somatoform disorders and other disorders related to anxiety and mood.

Sector of affective disorders (V. Vilkas M D.) - mood (affective) disorders (mania, depression, bipolar disorder.)

Sector of differential diagnosis and treatment resistant state (prof. B. Burba) – the most diagnostically complicated disorders, requiring additional analysis, expert consultations, and the selection of treatment tactics.

Sector of somato - psychiatry (A. Jaras Ph. D) – somatic diseases combined with acute or subacute mental disorders.

Sector of Child and adolescent psychiatry (D. Klimavičius M D) – children  from 6 till 18 years old, with acute or subacute mental disorders.

Clinical psychologists (A. Miškinytė Ph.d) – psychological consultations, neuropsychological examinations,.


Diagnostic and treatment tools and methods:

  • Psychopharmacotherapy, family consulting, psychosocial rehabilitation, individual and group psychotherapy,  light therapy,  arts therapy. Patients with somatic illnesses are consulted by different specialists


The main research activities

  • Integration of psychiatry in general medicine – problem recognition and situation management.



Behavioural, social adaptation, attitudes, sleep, anger and other psychosocial fenomena research projects with other Lithuanian universities and non-university educational institutions. Participation in the four projects funded by the EU Structural Funds (2007-2013)


Educational Activities: Study Programmes:

  1. Undergraduate program  - Obstetrics: „Woman and family mental health“
  2. Undergraduate program  - Nursing: „Psychiatric nursing“
  3. Undergraduate program  - Nursing:  „Woman and family mental health and clinical practice“
  4. Undergraduate program  - Nursing (extramural): „Psychiatric nursing“
  5. Undergraduate program  - Nursing (extramural): „Woman and family mental health and clinical practice“
  1. Problematic  studies for 4th and 5th course students
  2. Postgraduate program "Arts Therapy" collaborated with „Lithuanian Academy of Arts“.
  1. Residency programs, the number of students:


  • Adult psychiatry residency studies (44 students)
  • Child and adolescents  psychiatry residency studies (12 students)


Training bases for residency studies: Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos, (including Oncological hospital), Psychophysiology and Rehabilitation Institute in Palanga, Kaunas County Marių psychiatric hospital,  Kaunas County Addiction Center, Kaunas Vilijampolė children's rehabilitation center, Šiauliai county psychiatric hospital, Kaunas county hospital, The National Forensic Psychiatry Service at the Ministry of Health.


Postgraduate studies of psychotherapy providing certification for psycotherapy practice; duration of studies – 3,5 years.

During period of 2006 – 2012 Clinic of Psychiatry has organized 54 scientific conferences including 7 international conferences. 

Students scientific society (coordinator Giedrė Jonušienė Ph.d).