Department of Paediatric Surgery

VŠĮ Kauno klinikos, Eivenių g. 2, LT-50009 Kaunas 

Phone. (+370 37) 327078, fax (+370 37) 327078, e-mail


The head - Prof. Vidmantas BARAUSKAS


Phone: (+370 37) 326043

Study administrator Vita Martinkevičienė

Phone: (+370 37) 32 60 48


Pediatric Surgery department – the head  Prof. Vidmantas Barauskas

Vidmantas Barauskas  graduated from the Kaunas Institute of Medicine in 1978 and was appointed a nosocomial surgical trainee in the Kaunas Institute of Medicine. Since 1981 he has been working in pediatric surgery at Kaunas Clinics, in 1986 he was designated the head of the Pediatric Surgery Unit and from the year of 1996 –has been  elected as the head of the Pediatric Surgery Department. In 1992 he was awarded the highest category of a pediatric surgeon. In 1997 he defended his dissertation "Surgical treatment indications and techniques of chest wall deformities” and in 2000 he was granted the title of associate professor. In 2005 he carried out habilitation procedures " Surgical treatment tactics and results of congenital anomalies and diseases” and became a professor, in 2007 awarded the title of academic professor.
Since 2012 he has been a visiting professor in the Pediatric Surgery Clinic in Riga Sradins University.
He is a multidisciplinary pediatric surgeon, who performs the general pediatric surgery, urology and thoracic surgery operations. He specializes more in congenital neonatal gastrointestinal surgery and chest wall deformity surgery. He is the initiator of Nuss'o method of chest wall deformity surgery in Lithuania. He performs more than 300 operations in a year.


Pediatric surgeons:
K.Jankauskaitė - Urniežienė


All the necessary pediatric surgery, orthopedic and traumatology as well as burn surgery operations are performed in the department.
The clinic is a center of chest wall deformity surgery in Lithuania. Since 2003, the surgeons of the clinic are the only ones in Lithuania that perform the minimally invasive Nuss operation for chest wall deformities.
Pediatric surgeons are pioneers in video endoscopic surgery (since 1996) and leaders in Lithuania, who currently perform “one-trocar laparoscopy ".
Pediatric surgeons are pioneers of urinary incontinence (1995) and intersex (since 1998) corrective surgery in Lithuania.
Pediatric orthopedic surgeons are pioneers in using the Ponsee method in treating foot deformities and support it in Lithuania.
Pediatric orthopedic surgeons – traumatologists the leaders in using is arthroscopy and mixed trauma treatment in Lithuania.
Over the years, the clinic has had:
- 4500 admissions
- 3700 operations
- 28,000 ambulatory visits

Three special offices work at the Children’s ambulatory clinic:
- Surgery
- Urology
- Orthopedics - traumatology

6 employes carry out educational work in the deparment:

Prof.dr.Vidmantas Barauskas – head of the department dr.Robertas Bagdzevičius dr.Artūras Kilda dr.Dalius Malcius
Assistant V.Jazdauskienė
Assistant K.Jankauskaitė- Urniežienė


Pediatric surgery is taught to the fifth-year students of the Faculty of Medicine (2 credits).
The clinic also prepares residents - pediatric surgeons. Currently, 6 residents - pediatric surgeons study in the clinic.

Over the last 5 years five educational books have been published and the employees of the clinic co-authors of 4 textbooks.


Scientific research is actively pursued in the deparment.
Over the last five years 39 scientific articles have been published:19 in the institute for Scientific Information (ISI) database referred journals, 20 in the Lithuanian Science Council approved list of international databases of referred journals.


Pediatric surgery unit

General pediatric surgery sector

The chief - Prof. V.Barauskas

Phone: (+370 37) 326043

The pediatric urology sector

The chief – Artūras Kilda

Phone: (+370 37) 326567


Artūras Kilda graduated from the Kaunas Academy of Medicine in 1993, after a residency and has been a working pediatric surgeon in the Kaunas Clinics since 1996. In 2003 he defended his dissertation "Factors influencing the early post-operative results of pediatric operations of excavated thorax”, in 2008 he became an assistant professor of the Pediatric Surgery Clinic, and in 2009 the chief of the pediatric urology section.
He is a multidisciplinary pediatric surgeon, who performs about 400 operations during the year. He specializes in pediatric urology, thoracic surgery, pediatric oncology and endoscopic surgery. He is one of the the pioneers and developers of pediatric video endoscopic surgery in Lithuania.
Has had apprenticeships in Salzburg, Leipzig and Hamburg


The purulent disease pediatric surgery sector

The chief – Dalius Malcius

Phone: (+370 37) 326567


Dalius Malcius graduated from the Kaunas Academy of Medicine in 1990, has been working in the Kaunas Clinics as a pediatric surgeon from 1992.
In 2009 he defended his dissertation "Epidemiological and clinical studies of acute haematogenous osteomyelitis”, in 2009 he was also appointed the chief of the Purulent disease pediatric surgery department and began working as a pediatric surgery clinic lecturer.
He is a multidisciplinary pediatric surgeon, who performs about 300 operations during the year. He specializes in purulent disease pediatric surgery, pediatric urology and video endoscopic surgery. HE is one of the pioneers and developers in pediatric video endoscopic surgery in Lithuania.
In 2007 was awarded a European Pediatric Surgeon certificate.
Has had apprenticeships in Hamburg, Stockholm, Salzburg and Leipzig.
Social activities:
Lithuanian Pediatric Surgery Association secretary since 2003.
Secretary of the Baltic Pediatric Surgery Association in 2000-2002 and 2006 – 2008.
Was the information Committee member of EuPs (European Association of Pediatric Surgery) in 2003-2008.


Pediatric OrthopedicsTraumatology Unit

The chief –  prof. Emilis Čekanauskas

Phone: (+370 37) 327080

Pediatric OrthopedicsTraumatologists:

prof. E.Čekanauskas

Emilis Čekanauskas graduated from the Kaunas Academy of Medicine in 1989, from 1990 to 2000 worked as an orthopedic trauma doctor in the Kaunas Red Cross Hospital, and from 2000 is a chief of the pediatric orthopedics – traumatology unit in the Kaunas Pediatric Surgery Clinic.
In 2010 he defended his doctoral thesis "Evaluation of treatment methods of children who experienced dislocated fractures above the protuberance of the humerus”.
He is a multidisciplinary pediatric orthopedic-trauma specialist who performs over 300 operations during the year, specializing in oncology, as well as foot, elbow and multiple trauma surgery.
Has had apprenticeships in Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Vienna, Marseilles, Helsinki.
Social activities:
President of   the Lithuanian Pediatric orthopedic-traumatology society.