Department of Intensive Care

The Department of Intensive Care as an individual department of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences was established in 1997.


The Department of Intensive Care is LUHS training base, where:

  • I year students of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Odontology acquire basic knowledge and skills about the main principles of the first aid for the critically ill patients and resuscitation;
  • II and IV year students of the Faculty of Nursing study issues of Intensive nursing;
  • III year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy study issues of Intensive care and Intensive care of acute poisoning;
  • V year students of the Faculty of Medicine study the problems of Diagnostics and management of life threatening status, Intensive therapy and Homeostasis disorders during life-threatening condition.

The Department of Intensive Care together with the Department of Anaesthesiology implements a joint residency and qualify doctors anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist. After 4 year long studies and clinical work the residents choose their own professional way and work as anaesthesiologist or doctors of intensive care.

The Department of Intensive Care also implement professional development courses for physicians and nurses of various specialties.

The main research interests of The Department of Intensive Care focus on various issues of life-threatening conditions and disorders: microcirculatory disorders, polyneuropathy of critical illnesses, impact of human pulmonary venous innervation on cardiac arrhythmias and others.


Staff of the Department:

Head of the Department, prof. MD Vidas Pilvinis,
Prof. MD Dalia Adukauskienė

Lect., MD Rūta Ablonskytė-Dūdonienė
Lect., MD. Neringa Balčiūnienė
Lect., MD. Linas Nasvytis
Lect., MD Andrius Pranskūnas
Lect., MD Edvin Šneider
Lect., MD Raimundas Vaitkevičius
Assist. Gabija Akelaitytė
Assist. Rūta Bagajevaitė
Assist. Rolandas Damulevičius
Assist. Ričardas Jurevičius
Assist. Donatas Masaitis
Assist. Liana Mitkienė
Assist. Asta Senavaitytė
Assist. Tomas Tamošuitis
Assist. Rimantas Tarasevičius
Assist. Jolita Vilčinskaitė