Department of Gastroenterology



Head - full member of Lithuanian academy of science prof., habil. dr.  Limas KUPČINSKAS

Tel; (+370 37) 32 65 08





Department of Gastroenterology is the largest digestive diseases clinic in Lithuania (60 in-patent beds), where the care for all complicated liver and digestive system diseases (including oncology and liver pre-transplant and post-transplant care) are provided for Lithuania and foreign citizens.   Clinic is equipped with modern endoscopy and ultrasound equipment for diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders according to EU university clinics standards.  Department of Gastroenterology successfully applied new diagnostic and treatment methods (capsule endoscopy, enteroscopy,  defecography;  confocal laser endomicroscopy,  cholangioscopy,  colonic transit studies, endoscopic stenting  of  esophagus, duodenum, large intestine, biliary tract; endoscopic gastrostomy ,  endoscopic mucosectomy for early gastric and colonic cancer, et  etc. ) . In recent years new invasive hepatology  methods were introduced into clinical practice: transjugular liver biopsy, measurement of hepatic venous pressure gradient, TIPS placement, MARS procedure.  Genetic testing was available for rare liver diseases – Wilsons’s disease, hereditary hemochromatosis, alfa1 –antitripsin deficiency.

Department of Gastroenterology includes two units - Gastroenterology Unit (head - dr. V.Petrenkiene) and Endoscopy unit (head - prof. dr. K.Adamonis).