About institute

  • Mission

    Mission – to create, collect, organize and disseminate scientific knowledge in the field of behavioral medicine.
    Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Behavioral Medicine Institute comprises a research institution with great expertise in cardiovascular rehabilitation, cardiovascular prevention, psychophysiology, biological psychiatry, behavioral and sleep medicine. The main goal is to initiate and develop new research in public health, prophylaxis, psychotherapy, informative technologies and other scientific areas.

  • Structure

    There are two laboratories: Laboratory of Psychosomatic Research and Laboratory of Clinical Physiology and Rehabilitation. In addition, the Behavioral Medicine Clinic will be established with a goal to organize graduate and post-graduate studies in Behavioral medicine, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and other fields.

    Institutes Hospital will be reorganized into Public Institution University Health Clinic which will provide qualified psychiatry, behavioral medicine, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and other services.

  • Documents

  • History


    Institute was established in 1992 on the Basis of Palanga Department of Institute for Cardiovascular Research of Kaunas Medical Academy.

    The first Steps in Scientific Research were started in 1969 when Institution was introduced as Department for Rehabilitation of Patients Suffering from Cerebrovascular Disorders.

    On the 1st of May, 2012 institution was renamed to Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Behavioral Medicine Institute (LUHS BMI).


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