The Development Department

  • Activities

    In 2008, on the initiative of Vice-Rectors for Studies and Research, Rector of Kaunas University of Medicine issue Decree(No. 308, 17th September 2008) to establish the Development Department. The aim of the department was to successfully implement a wide variety of objectives set in the development plan of the University.

    Since 2010, when Kaunas University of Medicine and Lithuanian Veterinary Academy merged to form the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, the development activities have been undertaken by the Development Department.

    Main objectives of the Development Department:

    • Analyze the EU and other financing possibilities for the development of studies, research and infrastructure of the University; disseminate the information to the structural units of the University and coordinate their activities carried out to attract funds from EU and other sources of financing.
    • Coordinate the processes of project planning at the University and its subdivisions as well as preparation and selection of applications for EU and other sources of financing.
    • Coordinate the implementation of the projects developed by the University and its subdivisions and financed by EU or other funds; guarantee, together with other subdivisions of the University, appropriate and efficient use and administration of the resources granted.
    • Participate in the analysis of project activities, the formation of strategic development policies of the University and the processes promoting entrepreneurship and commercialization according to the capacities of the Department.
  • Contacts

    LSMU Development Department
    Address: A. Mickevičiaus g. 7, Kaunas
    (Medical Academy, Rooms 203 – 205)
    Telephone number: (+370 37) 409746
    Email address:  


    Laima Matusevičienė
    Head of Development Department (Room 204)
    Phone: (+370 37) 361805 (internal: 5479)
    Email address:


    Jolita Sabalienė
    Deputy Head of Development Department (Room 203)
    Phone: (+370 37) 409746 (internal: 5481)
    Email address:  


    Vidmantas Vaičiulis
    Project Manager (Room 205)
    Phone: +370 37 327303 (internal: 5475)
    Email address:


    Rasa Venciuvienė
    Project Manager (Room 205)
    Phone: (+370 37) 327303 (internal: 5477)
    Email address:


    Jolanta Petrylė
    Project Coordinator (Room 205)
    Phone: (+370 37) 327303 (internal: 5476)
    Email address:


    Eglė Rimavičienė
    Project Coordinator (Room 203)
    Phone: (+370 37) 409746 (internal: 5480)
    Email address:


    Diana Bašinskaitė
    Project Coordinator (Room 203)
    Phone: (+370 37) 409746 (internal: 5483)
    Email address:


    Indrė Bučilkienė (on parental leave)
    Project Coordinator (Room 203)
    Phone: (+370 37) 409746 (internal: 5482)
    Email address:

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