Study Centre

  • About

    Activities and goal


    The goal of the LUHS study center is to plan and carry out undergraduate, integrated and postgraduated studies of university.


    1. Organize studies
    2. Carry out studies accounting
    3. Carry out admissions to undegraduate, integrated and postgraduate studies
    4. Coordinate and improve the internal quality assurance of studies
  • Contacts

    Address: A. Mickevičiaus Street 7

    Telephone: +370 615 38273


    Office working hours:  I-IV  8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

                                       V  8.00 a.m. – 3.45 p.m.


    Contacts of Study Center Personnel:

    Head of the study centre:

    dr. Indrė ČEPONIENĖ


    Study Centre Deputy Head

    dr. Vilma ŽALTAUSKĖ

    Phone: (+370 37) 36 26 00


    Admission Commission Executive Secretary

    Marija STANKEVIČIENĖ, doc.dr.

    Phone: (+370) 686 10217


    Specialist for Study Organization

    Martynas PŪSLYS

    Phone: (+370 37) 659 93197


    Specialist for Study Accountancy


    Phone: (+370 37) 327261      


    Senior Specialist for Study Accountancy

    Ramunė MASAITYTĖ, 

    Phone: (+370 37) 32 72 08    


    Senior Study Coordinator

    Ilona REINIENĖ,

    Phone: (+370 37) 32 72 61    


    Study Coordinator

    Erika MOZŪRIENĖ,

    Phone: (+370 37) 36 21 90   


    Assistant to the Head of Study Centre

    Renata ŽEMAITIENĖ,

    Phone: (+370 37) 32 72 08      


    Supervisor - consultant

    Jurgita DAILIDAVIČIENĖ, dr.

    Phone: (+370 37) 36 21 90   




    Phone: (+370) 615 38273


  • Teachers’ Educational Competence Department


    Department for  Teachers’ Educational Competence is established in the Study Center.

    Address: M.Jankaus str. 2, Kaunas

    Head of the Center 

    Edita Butrimė
    Phone: (370 37) 327317 



    Daiva Latvelienė
    Phone: (370 37) 733703


    The aim of the Center activity is to carry out the continuous monitoring and improvement of LSMU teachers’ educational competence that meets prevailing global trends.


    The mission of the Department for  Teachers’ Educational Competence: To coordinate and implement the development of the teachers' educational competence.


    The Department for  Teachers’ Educational Competence operates within the Study Center.

    The activities of the Department for  Teachers’ Educational Competence complies with the established procedure for assuring the educational competence of the university teachers.



    The functions of the Department for  Teachers’ Educational Competence are as follows:

    • To provide methodological assistance to the teachers on the issues of the study process;
    • To organize and carry out educational competence development activities (to organize trainings, to organize and keep information about the participants of training and the certificates issued);
    • To provide methodological assistance to the students on the issues of the study process;
    • To monitor and analyze the implementation of educational innovation in the study process;
    • To implement identification and dissemination of good educational experience;
    • To provide methodological assistance and organize training for the teachers and the staff involved in the study process in the application of information and communication technologies in the study process.