Training led by the School of Surgery Fundamentals

The Scientific Student Association’s (Studentų Mokslinė Draugija SMD) Surgery society has been organising a series of practicals for the fourth year in a row – the School of Surgery Fundamentals. The monthly events organised by the school are for both Lithuanian and international students who are studying biomedical sciences and have an interest in surgery. During the weekend 12-hour courses, students are acquainted with the operating theatre, principles of aseptic techniques, surgical instruments and are taught how to suture and how to perform drainage.

The teachers of the programme are Valdone Kolaityte, Justinas Vencius, Jolanta Gribauskaite, Odeta Vysniauskaite, Mantas Kievisas, Karlis Varkalys, Mindaugas Stankevicius, Mobby Elizabeth Mathew and Rezwan Hussain. The school was founded four years ago by Erika Birgiolaite and has been run by Valdone Kolaityte since September 2014. The school is supported by the Scientific Student Association’s Surgery Society and its president/chairman Mantas Jokubauskas. 

The school organisers appreciate great interest: over 70 students applied in December alone; out of them, 16 students were chosen to participate (both Lithuanian and international students were chosen). The participating students were chosen depending on the following criteria: the year of studies, motivational letter, previous experience, expressed interest in surgery and correct answers to the questions related to surgery. A student from Vilnius University also took part in the training. The participants were introduced to a fundamental theory, which later was applied practically. 

The programme’s teachers assessed the practical work of the participants. The knowledge of the students was evaluated by an exam on the last day of the event. The School of Surgery Fundamentals congratulates all students who successfully completed the programme! 

There are plans to expand the school activities; specialised training programmes will be held in collaboration with certain specialised Surgery specialty Scientific Student Association societies. 

Some opinions and experiences of teachers and students from the school: 

“After being chosen to participate and acquire basic suturing skills, I was given the opportunity to impart the knowledge to aspiring surgeons whilst getting taught advanced surgical techniques. The school lays a strong foundation for motivated medical students to broaden their perspective about modern day medicine and also help break out of comfort zones through working together as a team. Though it was founded and established by Lithuanian medical students, collaborating with international students and organising regular workshops has helped me to make new friends, thus, breaking the invisible barrier.” - Mobby, a teacher.

“Being a part of the suturing school as a teacher has enhanced my communication, knowledge and teaching skills. It requires patience and dedication to exalt your skills and to have a strong desire to teach, enabling one to pass on knowledge. This experience helped me develop an insight into the surgical profession and instilled a profound appreciation of the fragility and complexity of suturing. My enthusiasm flourished significantly after attending workshops as a teacher. There have been outstanding improvements in working as a team, especially in managing students efficiently, effectively and improving learning opportunities.” - Riz, a teacher.

“Now that I have completed this school, I can proudly say I accomplished something I have always wanted to do. I learnt many things from the older students and the main fundamentals of surgery. There is no doubt that there is much more to learn but this school offers a lot of knowledge and skills that I am now happy to have. I believe that anyone who wants to go into surgery in the future, should definitely apply. Furthermore, even if you do not get accepted the first time, keep applying because this is a perfect opportunity you do not want to miss out on. As future doctors, we should be eager for more information anywhere we can attain it and knowing the basics is an excellent way to start. In conclusion, I highly recommend the Suturing Skills School to anyone interested and willing to put in the work and effort.’’ - Mikole, a student.

News/further information about the school’s activity is available on social networking sites, during the Surgery society’s meetings or by email:


Valdone Kolaityte
Coordinator of the School of Surgery Fundamentals