The Leading-Edge Studying Technologies Available at LSMU

The library and information centre of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) is one of the most relevant units of the University. The library guarantees access to the most popular databases, the up-to-date textbooks, websites of international societies, etc. It is already normal to use such databases as PubMed or UpToDate at LSMU; however the information centre is always looking for new and attractive learning sources.

The latest discoveries were Access Medicine (database of medical textbooks), Oxford Medicine Online, Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy and USMLE Easy – studying tool meant for preparation for the USA medical licensing exams. It contains more than 11 thousand interactive tasks!

The residents of emergency medicine are happy about one more novelty –this year the LSMU library and information centre provided the possibility to the residents of emergency medicine to use the leading-edge learning sources –RoshReview and HippoEM. These are educational means, where the lectures, seminars and live discussions with the experts of certain specialty are integrated, as well as interactive tests, video methodologies of practical skills, and theoretical exams, which allow comparing own achievements with the means of the USA or other countries at that time.

According to the residents of emergency medicine, RoshReview has revealed the most important elements of various disciplines looking from the perspective of emergency medicine. It helps especially to get focused on the things, which are the most important for work in profile clinics. The residents notice that the methodologies of procedure performance presented in the learning sources are very valuable. “When we learn from the best we are able to initiate the changes of daily life in situ”, - state the residents without any doubt.

“I envy the present residents – such studying tools were not available at my time, – the manager of the Emergency Department and supervisor of residents, Dr. Kęstutis Stašaitis makes no secret. – These are excellent tools for studying and improvement.“

The emergency medicine is a new specialty in Lithuania, and thus it does not have long traditions. The residents are very grateful to LSMU library and information centre for the opportunities to use these educational sources. “The interactive tests make the usually boring theoretical preparation mode venturesome”, – note the residents, who cannot imagine residency without such tools any more. 

“Our residents have the same capacities to use the modern studying tools, to acquire the necessary competences, and to prepare for the final exam as their foreign colleagues, - expressed his joy the coordinator of residency of emergency medicine, Medical Doctor Nedas Jasinskas. – This raises general level of this specialty and stimulates the tutors and supervising doctors of residents to gear up. “