Students From Sweden Demonstrated Excellent Knowledge and Were Invited to Study at LSMU

On 26–31 January, entrance exams to the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) were held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and Gothenburg city. Entrance exams were organized by International Relations and Study Centre coordinators Rūta Antanaitienė, Simona Černiauskienė, Irina Semeško and Kęstutis Gasevičius.

In both cities, 45 young people striving to study biomedical sciences took the exam and pleasantly surprised with the results of biology and chemistry tests. The best 16 candidates were invited to study medicine, 2 – odontology and 3 – veterinary medicine. We gladly welcome the young people's choice and would like to believe that students will arrive to Lithuania and will complement the multi-ethnic academic community of LSMU.

As usual, the presentation on LSMU and Lithuania was made for the audience after the examination, and the coordinators answered many questions about the academic and practical students’ life at LSMU.

During the visit in Sweden, the programmes of LSMU also were presented at study fairs (exhibitions), which were held both in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The events were organized, indeed, professionally and purposefully, and participants who came alone or together with their parents actively showed their interest in study opportunities in Lithuania. In exhibitions, the representatives of LSMU were assisted by Angelika Sellen and Elias Melkison, the university alumni from Sweden. These young ambassadors of their Alma Mater are happy because of choosing LSMU and gladly shared warm memories and study experience in Lithuania with exhibition participants.


Kęstutis Gasevičius

International Programme Coordinator