Student-oriented Support Contract between LSMU and ‘Intermedix Lietuva'

On 13 October, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) signed the contract with the Lithuanian department of the USA company of health care technologies ‘Intermedix Lietuva’ for support in the value of 50 thousand euros.

 ‘It is an especially important step in the implementation of the professional idea of synergy among science, studies and business. All three areas are motivated to achieve beneficial goals in every possible way and thus to demonstrate even better results’ – told LSMU Rector Prof. Remigijus Žaliūnas.

During the implementation of this contract, ‘Intermedix Lietuva’ intends to provide purposeful financial support to the University during the validity period of the contract (2015–2020), which would be assigned for the organization of University’s events and the reinforcement of its infrastructure.

‘It is nice that contemporary business companies understand and appreciate the importance of development of science and studies in public health: the key support will be granted to the Faculty of Public Health. It is an excellent appraisal of the faculty’s scientific and practical potential’ – expressed her ideas after the event Prof. Ramunė Kalėdienė, dean of the Faculty of Public Health.

The signed contract also provides the incentive scholarships for five top students of the Faculty of Public Health at the end of each academic year – in total 25 thousand euros from the total amount of support.

‘Intermedix Lietuva’ offering software development and maintenance services for clients in the medical sector in the USA and around the world planned the possibilities together with the LSMU representatives to organize scientific practical conferences, seminars, and to exchange the most relevant information while creating and implanting public health care technologies of in our country.

According to Mr. Lukas Jankauskas, the Vice President of ‘Intermedix Lietuva’, the integration of information technologies into the medical system is an unquestionably unavoidable process. Thus in order to contribute to more intensive creation of e-health system in our country, ‘Intermedix Lithuania’ allocated a big share of the support to improve the technological part of study process of the LSMU students. It is expected to motivate the students even more to create innovative health system products.

Ms. Akvilė Sinkevičiūtė, the graduate of the LSMU Faculty of Public Health, who works in ‘Intermedix Lietuva’, stressed that graduates from study programmes in public health studies can be employed not only by public institutions. ‘The knowledge and skills gained during these studies can be widely adapted, thus I am glad about the cooperation between these organizations, continuous improvement of public health studies and their adaptation to business and medical needs’ – said Ms. A. Sinkevičiūtė.

Recently it has been talked a lot about the need of specialists prepared in the Faculty of Public Health in the modern word of health information technologies, thus it is expected that the LSMU graduates will join the staff of ‘Intermedix Lietuva’ again.

In 2014, ‘Intermedix Lietuva’opened the first international centre providing services in Kaunas. It has more than 500 employees today. Their work contributes directly to saving the human lives, and the developed technologies and their solutions help improve the work of medical and emergency departments.

Indrė Levickytė
Public Relations Specialist
International Relations and Study Centre


Photos by Aura Šimkienė