Peer Tutoring Programme for International Students

This academic year, the International Relations and Study Centre has begun to implement a new Peer Tutoring Programme for international students who are studying at LSMU. The mission of the tutoring programme is to enhance student’s academic experience by providing a respectful, safe educational environment for learning. Peer tutoring is an opportunity to connect with a student who has previously done well in some courses. At the moment 8 enthusiastic international and Lithuanian students are ready to help their younger colleagues with the studies. The coordinator of the programme is Jevgenij Razgulin, the psychologist for international students. Peer tutors receive training, understand challenges and want to help other students to learn what they know. A peer tutor may be available to any international student who wants to get help with one or another course. International students often seek peer tutors in order to:   

Solve problems arising during the study process       
Better understand the topic taught    
Prepare for examinations       
Build confidence in understanding course materials 
Learn in a supportive environment with a fellow student     

Usually it is one-to-one tutoring, but occasionally tutors can also work with small groups of students. Also tutors organize group study sessions before the main colloquiums. During such sessions, tutors answer the questions and discuss about other topics.