Lund University – Old Traditions in the Modern World

LUNDO UNIVERSITETAS - gilios tradicijos šiuolaikiniame pasaulyje

On the 7–9 of March 2016 International programme marketing coordinator Evelina Mačiulskienė, has been visiting Lund University in Sweden. This visit – is a sequel of the successful cooperation that started in autumn of 2015 when rector of Lund University Tobjorn von Schantz and the head of protocol Carin Brenner were visiting Lithuania. Lund University ranks 60th on the Top 100 World Universities list. Currently there are ~7700 employees and 42 000 students at the University where 15% of them are international students. University, famous for its history, exuding various ceremonies, will celebrate its solemn 350th anniversary in December this year.

The purpose of this visit to Sweden was to take over the best experience of Lund University in Marketing, Communications, official hospitality, Alumni, International relations.  During the meeting with the Head of Marketing Department Lars Uhlin, a lot has been discussed about branding traditions, their use and significance to University life. There was also a discussion about the Lund University website, which has a donation platform with direct money transfer system that is relevant to LSMU. It would be good practice to follow the experience of Lund University.  It would be great to take the good practise of Lund University for development of LSMU Israeli students scholarship fund platform.


International Relations Department Director Richard Stenelo told about cooperation with Indonesia, their ongoing projects, stated the importance of cooperation between departments - the only way to achieve tangible results in a large organization.


LUNDO UNIVERSITETAS - gilios tradicijos šiuolaikiniame pasaulyje

We have also been presented with communications specialists duties at Lund University. Each faculty has a separate communication specialist who not only publicize the Faculty developed activity, but also actively communicate with existing and future students. If this practice is carried out at LSMU - communication would not only be stronger, but also more professional.


Communication with Alumni students is an important part of everyday life at Lund University. Unlike LSMU, Lund alumni staff division meet with Alumni students on a regular basis. So we offer the IRSC staff while on business trips to organize meetings with alumni students, which would therefore attract an even wider circle of graduates around the world.


Extremely interesting part of the university is students' union, which takes care of student rights, accommodation, extra-curricular activities, sports events, and also aid shaping the image of the university. At Lund University, they even have their own offices, where they carry out work placements for certain real world jobs. Most are working together with the university staff, and later assist at various events. We believe that students involvement into organizing and planning of university events would be beneficial both for entire LSMU community. During the discussion, an idea was born, to organize a students’ union exchange programme - both sides would learn from each other. Lund University students interact with Alumni, invite them to events - thus collaborate with many university departments.



We hope that the good experience of Lund University in Marketing, Communications, International Relations, Alumni areas will serve LSMU shaping the vision and improving university students' quality of learning.


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