LSMU and Hospital of LSMU Kauno Klinikos strengthen cooperation with Germany

On 7 July, the representatives of LSMU and Hospital of LSMU Kauno Klinikos participated in the meeting with a delegation from Germany, Lippe region.

The medicine manager of Lippe Clinic, Dr. Helmut Middeke, medicine manager of Lippe Region Psychiatry Centre, Dr. Ahmad Bransi, and specialist of international relations of Lippe Region, Bernd-Heinrich Korte, visited Lithuania.

During the visit of the delegation, the structure and studies of LSMU were presented by Dr. Alvidas Šarlauskas, vice-dean of the Division of International Studies. The director of Kaunas Clinic for public health, research and education, Prof. Lina Jaruševičienė made a short presentation of Kauno Klinikos.

The German delegation was accompanied by Raimundas Šmitas, head of the Division of International Relations and Protocol of Kaunas Municipality, who was especially content with long-lasting partnership between Kaunas and Lippe Region. These cities signed a cooperation contract.

Both the German and Lithuanian representatives were especially interested in present possibilities for exchange and internships for students and doctors during the presentations. H. Middeke, medicine manager of Lippe Clinic, was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of consultations given at Kauno Klinikos and analyzed the study programmes offered by LSMU to international students carefully.

The members of the German delegation mentioned that Kaunas and Lippe cities are quite similar in size, so the goal of the meeting was to achieve closer cooperation between medical specialists representing the both parties.

Dr. Alvidas Šarlauskas, vice-dean of the Division of International Studies, representing LSMU also had a lot of questions to the German colleagues. There were discussions on the possibilities of arrival for students wishing to be volunteers in the field of medicine, and the issue on the arrival and consulting of the best specialists in the own field both in Lithuania and in Germany was disputed.

After the meeting and discussions in the LSMU Library and Information Centre, the German delegation was invited to explore the LSMU Centre of Modern Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies, which had opened just a year ago, and the representative of the Faculty of Pharmacy comprehensively reported about impressive possibilities of this centre and research carried out in 10 laboratories.

The visit of the German delegation ended with a visit to the clinics of Kauno Klinikos and familiarization with their activities and staff.