Letters of Appreciation Given to LSMU Ambassadors, Mentors and Tutors

In the study year 2016/2017, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) students actively participated in the Ambassadors’, Mentors’ and Tutors’ Programmes coordinated by the LSMU International Relations and Study Centre (TRSC).

The main goal of the students Ambassadors is to contribute to the promotion of the LSMU abroad. International students after becoming the Ambassadors perform this activity. Totally, 19 Ambassadors this year shared their experience in studies and life in Lithuania with those who were interested in the LSMU. They answered e-mails and met with the future students in the University Open Days. Young people and their parents were happy to get information not only from the University representatives but also from the current international students.

A total of 26 students wished to become Mentors this year. They welcomed first year students at the beginning of the registration week and supported the new students with their help and advice during all first year. The Programme has been continued for 5 years already and has received very positive feedback from the first year international students. According to the latter, it is important when friendly and ready-to-help students from upper years meet them when they arrive in the country which most of them know nothing about.

In the Tutors’ Programme, 8 academic Tutors assisted the students who were facing academic difficulties. They met the students individually and organized trainings for the groups before the main exams.

At the end of the study year, LSMU TRSC invited the active students to a trip, where they could learn more about Lithuanian history and enjoy the picturesque Lithuanian sights. During the sunny day, youngsters visited Antanas ir Jonas Juškos ethnic culture museum, Raudonė Castle, Panemunė Castle. The students could admire the stunning landscape panoramas from the Castle Towers and take a walk in the beautiful nearby parks. They also climbed up Seredžius mound and learned medieval dances in the cultural canter of Veliuona, one of the oldest Lithuanian villages. During the trip the coordinators of the Programmes gave Letters of Appreciation to the students for their help, effort, warm communication and invited to continue their activities next year.

It was pleasant to receive several students’ opinions about the trip. (Presented below).

Lithuania has been my home for the past 4 years and I am only getting to learn about her rich history now. What a great day with good weather and even better people. Exploring castles, climbing hills, feeding cows, refreshing ice creams, medieval dance-offs and of course the chicken (internal joke) were the highlights for me. Would like to thank the whole team at the International Office for organising this event, thank you. - Student Ambassador Anish Thomas

I personally think it was perfect. A really good combination of things to do and time to spend together. Also for the most of us the last bus trip was back in school ages. So it's special too  - Student Ambassador Alan Bareiss.